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Royal Vision 500

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Royal Vision 500 Machine

episode transcript:

Royal Vision 500  Rep: I’d like to introduce you to the Royal Vision Vendor 500. I want to take you through some of the key features and show you the benefits of these features.

Royal Vision 500  Rep: The first one I’d like to show you is the size of this vendor. The size of this vendor is pretty much the same footprint as a regular cold drink machine or a snack vendor. What I said earlier about taking an existing account and finding new ways to increase the sales, this makes it nice for taking this glass front vendor, going to that account, and taking a machine out of your bank of equipment and placing this one into the same location as that machine. It fits very well, banks very well. It being the size and the piece of equipment it is, it’s easily to get into certain locations as far as the doors that its access to.

Royal Vision 500  Rep: Let me take you through a couple more of the key features of this particular vendor. One feature that we have in this particular vendor, is we have a positive vend mechanism, where we actually pull the product off the shelf into the cup. We do not rely on gravity to make the drink fall into the cup. Now this vend mechanism right here, it was tested by ETL. Edison Testing Laboratories verified it as the most dependable vend mechanism available on any machine.

Royal Vision 500 Rep: Another feature on this right here machine is the flexibility of the packaging. You can see we’ve got 20 ounce bottles. We got the 12 ounce can. We got Gatorade. It’s nice when it comes to vending different packages, we can do that very easily without any kits, adjustments, shims, or anything else, which makes a nice easy transition from one package to another in this machine. The shelves in this machine are a black, doesn’t show the dirt as much as the other machines that have the white interior.

Royal Vision 500 Rep: Let me bring you through a test vend and show you what amazes your customers when you watch this machine. I have it on “test vend.” I’ll activate it by hitting the #, it’ll come up, find section 11. The augur comes out, pulls the product off the shelf. Then it comes over to the bin assembly and dispenses the product. The credit is not canceled until the customer actually takes the product out of the bin assembly.  Thank You for tining into Royal Vision 500 at the Vending Business Show. New To The Vending Business?  More videos can be seen

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