Used Vending Machines

Used Vending Machines you purchase from A&M Vending Machine Sales are not like vending machines you purchase from any other company.  Our machines go through our refurbishing process that has taken years to develop.  We do custom remanufacturing for some of the big names in the business.  Pepsi, Gatorade, and Nestles are some.  Our machines when they are finished, the machines look and work like brand new.  We start out with quality equipment that is made in the United States and parts are readily available. Wholesale out the substandard ones and then go from there.  See our Refurbishing video.  Our prices are a little more than other company”s but compare apples to apples and you will see the difference. We remanufacture a full line of used vending machines used drink machines, used snack machines, used combo machines, and car wash vending machines.  All the vending machines that we sell are NAMA, UL or ETL approved.