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A&M is trying to make ordering parts as problem-free as possible.  AMS made three different series of machines.  The Series 1, The Series 2, and The Series 3.  The easiest way to figure out what you have is to contact AMS with the serial number of the machine and they can tell you. The serial number of the vendor is located on the right side of the inside of the glass at about eye level.   AMS phone number is 304-725-6921   Once you know what series of machines you have it will make it easier to order parts.  All our parts are displayed in a series of 1,2, or 3    If you don’t know the series, look at the parts closely in order to match them up with the pictures available.  Remember the series 1 electronic parts will not fit the other machines.  Please provide us with the part number and the description of the part and we will be happy to ship it to you.


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