Innovating The Modern Break Room

Unleashing the Profitable Potential of Micro Markets in the Workplace!

Innovative micro markets provide a tailored, convenient, and diverse selection of products, catering to the unique preferences and dietary needs of your customers and or employees. Let us help you design a Micro Market that fits your break room needs. Unlock that extra earning potential with a modern day Micro Market from A&M Vending Machine Sales. 


Customer Satisfaction: With micro markets, offer a diverse selection of food options that cater to your customer’s individual preferences and dietary needs. 

Convenience and Accessibility: Unlike traditional vending machines, micro markets provide a self-service, open-market environment, allowing customers to browse and purchase products with ease.

Simplify Transactions: Efficient and secure modern cashless payments. Micro Market simplify customer’s transactions for a seamless and convenient experience.

Revenue Generation: Effortlessly maximize your break room profitability with Micro Markets. Increase customer satisfaction while boosting a revenue stream for your business.

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A&M Micro Markets

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