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Used Snack Vending Machines

Good day or bad day, snacking is a must and therefore, A&M used snack vending machines are the perfect buy for your all kinds of moods. Bring home our used snack vending machine that have a capacity of 617 units, vend up to 40 selections of snacks. With A&M Used snack vending machine by your stride, one can customize the snacks of their choices. Our major manufactures involve names like Royal, Vendo, AMS, Imbera, American Changer, Crane, Fastcorp and Combi.
The vending machine comes with a 90-day parts warranty. wherein our customer support will be readily available to sort out any kind of problems related to the parts or to the whole machine.
A&M used vending machines aren’t like the other used vending machines that you come across in markets. A&M used vending machines are restored, refurbished and renovated with great care to make sure you have a great experience using our products. Our intent behind supplying refurbished vending machines is to give our customers the same experience of a new machine but within their budgets. The A&M refurbished vending machines look as well as work as good as those brand new vending machines available for higher prices in the market.