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Refurbished Coffee Vending Machines

Refurbished Coffee Vending Machines from A&M equipment Sales are like brand new.  The Coffee Vending Machine is totally disassembled.  The cabinet is then painted inside and out then comes the hours of going through each part and putting the Used Coffee Vending Machine back together.  All the Coffee Vending Machine parts are inspected for imperfections and wear.  In the Remanufacturing process the Used Coffee Vending Machine the tank is delimed and all new water valves, tank gaskets  brewer seals are replaced. Once every part is put back together we hook it up to water and let it go through our extensive testing process.  Without spending the time you will not receive a quality Coffee Machine.  Used Coffee Vending Machines are some of the hardest machines there are to rebuild.  All our machines after this process look and work like brand new.  A&M Remanufactures all the major brands of Coffee Vending Machines which are all Automatic Products Coffee Machines and all Crane National Coffee Vending Machines.  These two brands of  machines  parts are readily available and can usually ship out same day.