A&M sells a wide variety of coolers.  These start at the tabletop and go up to a large 3 doors.   Our main supplier is Imbera.  Their primary customer that Imbera sells to is Coke.  It serves over 1.3 million coolers per year and it is the largest company of the Americas in its industry.  Imbera products meet and exceed the quality and specification of key competitors.  Coolers that Imbera makes can sell beverages or fresh food if ordered with a health timer.  Imbera has proven that they have the most reliable equipment in the North American market today with a three-year parts and labor warranty and 5 years on the compressor and has a proven lowest warranty claim incidence on a base of over 200,000 units in the USA and Canadian markets.  Imbera products offer the highest energy efficiency equipment globally, such as low maintenance condensers as well as next-generation HC and CO2 refrigeration systems.  Imbera services have the largest service organization for coolers with over 2500 field service technicians.  All and all why not purchase a cooler with an excellent warranty, energy efficiency, and customer satisfaction.


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