Rebuilt Coin Changers

Rebuilt vending machine changers provided by A&M have been thoroughly cleaned, rebuilt, and tested.  Our changers are disassembled, cleaned and rebuilt in house.  Any worn or broken parts are replaced and then reassembled.  All changers then have a burn in process to make sure all electronic parts are up to par.  Then comes the final coin test and they are ready to ship. A&M only picks the model and make of changers that we deem serviceable  and don’t carry changers that will not stand up to time and volume.  All changers come with a 90 day warranty with the exception of freight. In ordering these changers there are different variations of the same changer.  There are usually two different voltages 24 volts or 110 volts.  When ordering look at the side of the changer and get the brand name, make, and model number.  This will help you select the right changer.


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