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Best Selling New Drink Machines

New Vending Machines

Vendo 621 Drink Machine


New Vending Machines

Vendo 721 Drink Machine


Best Selling New Snack Machines

New Vending Machines

AMS Slim Gem Snack Machine


New Vending Machines

AMS 35 Snack Machine


New Vending Machines

AMS 39″ Snack Vending Machine


New Snack Vending Machines

The AMS 35 Chilled Snack Machine


New Vending Machines

AMS Outsider Snack Machine


Best Selling Combo Machines


New Vending Machines

AMS 35″ Combo Vending Machine


New Combo Vending Machines

AMS Car Wash Combo Vending Machine


Used Combo Vending Machines

Used AMS 39 Snack-Food Combo


Best Selling Used Soda Machines

Used Vending Machines

Vendo 720 Drink Machine


Used Vending Machines

Dixie Narco 276E Can/bottle


Dixie Narco Drink Machines

Dixie Narco 501E Drink Machine


Large Locations

Dixie Narco Bev Max 5591


Best Selling Used Snack Machines


Automatic Products Vending Machines

Automatic Products 111 Snack Machine


Automatic Products Vending Machines

Automatic Products 113 Snack Machine


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The A&M Like New Refurbishing Process

The machine is thoroughly cleaned inside and out. All components are then checked to make sure they are fully operational and repaired if faulty. Equipment is then coin tested and the customers’ prices programmed. A lock with 2 keys is installed and it’s ready to ship.


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Customer Testimonials

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I have been in business 8 years and have been using A&M Equipment for 7 and a half. There's nobody better. Joe, Bea,Curtis and Diane are the best.  

Richard Louisiana Vending Ovachita Vending Serivce September 22, 2015


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Vending Business Blog

At A&M, we provide more than just the equipment you need – we provide the resources to truly succeed in the vending business. Click below to start watching our library of vending business videos.

Buy new and used machines that are location-ready, small, medium and large locations and machines – No waiting means faster installations – Refurbished machines look and operate like new, buy them at a discount.

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