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AMS High Security Outdoor Combo

by | Jan 24, 2012 | Machines | 0 comments

AMS High Security Outdoor Combo Machine

AMS High Security Outdoor Combo   EPISODE TRANSCRIPT:

AMS High Security Outdoor Combo  Tim Paul: This machine has a poly-carbonate cover over the glass to protect you against vandalism. It has a lock cover to protect the lock. It has a vandal cover over the hinge to keep people from prying on the hinges. It also has a steel escutcheon so that, that is harder to break in to.

Tim Paul: When you open the door of the AMS High Security Outdoor Combo machine, it has a hinged glass inside that is a triple paned, heated glass, so that you can clean this glass from the inside.

Tim Paul: Again, the AMS High Security Outdoor Combo vendor, has a complete, sealed, refrigeration system, with a cover over your condensing so that you can easily clean the screen.

Tim Paul: AMS High Security Outdoor Combo, just like all other AMS machines, have a shelf that is fully adjustable for 19 different positions for motors. Each shelf is fully adjustable in one inch increments, so that you can vend any size product that you may need to vend.

Tim Paul: This machine is unique in that it is for outdoor use, but you have many locations were outdoor use machines are exactly the thing for your location. Give AMS a try.  The High Security Outdoor Combo also comes in just a snack version at the same price.  The High Security Outdoor Combo can be set at a temperature of refrigerated 38 degrees  or chilled 60 degrees.  This machine comes with a 3 year parts warranty on the compressor. On most rest areas in the United States.

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