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Vending Machine Locations – The Lifeline of Your Business

The vending business is attractive to many entrepreneurs because it creates a mostly passive income. You gain the freedom to do the things you love while the machine works for you. But really, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Creating a profitable vending machine business requires a lot of thought and work, especially when identifying a good location.

When looking for ideal vending machine locations, you’ll want to consider not only the location but also your target customers. Are you targeting school-going children or adults checking in and out of the gym? Whichever your target market, ensure that you go for a spot with significant foot traffic.

Steps to Finding the Best Vending Machine Locations

1. Do Some Preliminary Research

Identify potential spots and get a feel of the most common traffic in that area. What kind of products could go well with that location? Are there other options available such as a convenience store or another vending machine?

2. Identify What You’ll Be Vending

Depending on the locations you’ve identified, you’ll want to identify the type of products you’ll be selling. Some of the things to consider include the product’s cost, shelf life, and profit margins.

3. Choose The A Location That Is A Good Fit For Your Business

From the already identified potential spots and the possible product(s) that most appeals to your target market, you can now go for the location that will be the best fit. Some of the qualities to look out for in an ideal spot are:

  • High traffic: An area with high foot traffic such as train stations, airports, shopping malls, schools, event centers, and government buildings are suitable for a vending business.
  • A spot with no existing vending machines and other competing companies
  • An area where people have to wait or line up for services is also an excellent option for vending machine businesses. These include repair shops, medical centers, salons, public libraries, and even hospitals.

4. Draft A Proposal And Approach The Property Or Business Owner

Once you’ve identified your most qualified spots, you’ll want to prepare a proposal outlining how the vending machine will be a game-changer in that location.

Even if your preferred location has an already existing vending machine, you can find something different to offer that the property owner may like. You can also identify how you can out-compete other existing vending businesses by providing superior services and offerings.

Remember: Value proposition = location acquisition

When pitching your business to the property or business owner, be sure to outline how your business will also add value to their business. For instance, placing a vending machine in or around a hotel or motel can help keep their customers refreshed throughout their stay without needing to drive or walk so far away for refreshments.

Best Vending Machine Locations That You Should Consider

Are you looking for a great vending machine location but are unsure if you’ve found the right spot? Here are a few popular options to install a vending machine:

1. Apartment Communities

An apartment complex with popular amenities such as a pool, laundry room, gym, party room, or a clubhouse is an ideal location for a wide variety of snack and food vending machines. These areas have a flurry of activities and are usually highly trafficked by the members of that community.

2. Hotels and Motels

Look for motels and hotels that don’t have micro-markets and request to install a vending machine on their lobby or side entrances.

3. Gyms

Gyms are a great option to vend healthy products such as shakes, protein bars, and sports drinks.

4. Manufacturing facilities with lots of employees

Due to the consistent flow in these facilities, you can pitch to vend cold drinks and snacks to the hundreds of people working in the facility.

5. Schools, community colleges and universities

Schools have tremendous foot traffic that you can leverage to sell healthy, child-friendly beverages, snacks, and meals.

6. Auto Shops

This is one of the low-key areas that is mostly ignored. Yet, auto shops have hundreds of customers who have to wait to have their cars fixed. Having a vending machine nearby can be a great reprieve and make the wait more tolerable.

7. Hospitals and medical facilities

Hospitals and other health facilities have traffic flowing throughout the day and night. Having a vending machine that offers meals, beverages, and snack choices not only generates you passive income but also provides a convenient solution to visitors, patients, and health personnel working in the hospital.

Other excellent vending machine locations include:

  • Skateboard Shops
  • Grocery stores
  • Laundromat
  • Golf Course Lounge
  • Bank
  • Zoo
  • Warehouse
  • Assisted living center

Putting It All Together

The success of a vending machine majorly depends on its location. Identifying and getting a fit-for-business location will place you ahead of the curve, help you generate significant passive income and allow you to scale up over time.

Once you’ve identified a good location for your business, ensure that you also choose vending products that fit well with your target customers. Most importantly, don’t forget to offer exceptional customer service to help differentiate you from other vending businesses and carve out a loyal market for yourself.

The Complete Vending Machine Repair Guide

Vending Machine Repair - A&M Equipment Sales

Do You Need Vending Machine Repair?

Are your vending machines damaged, tired, ready to quit, or dated? Instead of going into debt purchasing a new vending machine, you can have them refurbished and repaired professionally. A comprehensive vending machine repair and refurbishing process guarantees that you get trouble-free services affordably.


A company with a dedicated team of experienced vending machine repair and refurbishing technicians will transform your machine from “as is” status to “like brand new.” In this guide, you’ll learn more about repairing and refurbishing a vending machine to its mint condition.


Transforming Your Vending Machine To A Brand New Look

A modern-day design of a vending machine should be fancy and sleek. A complete vending machine repair and refurbishing process will change the outward appearance of your machine immaculately. The process involves pulling out all the parts of the machine to replace the damaged ones, painting everything anew, and adding new finishes to all the sides.


New Changer and Validator Standards 

Many vending machine owners, especially those located in high foot traffic areas, experience coin or dollar bill mechanism issues – at some point, the mechanisms simply stop accepting money. While you can prevent these problems from regularly occurring by cleaning the dollar path and the coin path, you should consider a comprehensive machine refurbishment.


In 2020, it’s more cost-effective to have your machine’s changer and validator remanufactured to the highest OEM standards to avoid technical problems that may lead to unnecessary downtimes. An established vending machine repair and refurbishing servicer provider will give you a warranty as a sign of backing their mechanisms remanufacturing process.


Your machine will be fully updated to the newest MDB standards. This means upgrading the changer and validator to MDB standards.


The process also involves putting guaranteed delivery on the machine, which is a force field that tells the vending machine that a customer has received his/her product in the delivery bin. Meaning, if the product fails to drop through the guaranteed delivery field, the machine will prompt the customer to make another request.


This allows the customer to know whether he/she prompted an empty selection or select to get his/her money back. This is a surefire way of ensuring all your customers are satisfied when using the vending machine on your premises.


Enhanced Product Display

Displaying the products in your vending machine in the most appealing way is super important in the vending machine business. A vending machine refurbishing process will typically involve pulling out your old fluorescent bulb and replacing it with a new LED strip.


The LED lighting will give your products a more 3D look by giving off a different color light. The new lighting will entice potential buyers more and increase sales dramatically. Additionally, this is a more cost-effective upgrade because the LED lighting can last up to 10 years.


Increase Energy Efficiency 

The LED lighting upgrade is more energy-efficient than the dated fluorescent bulbs found in old vending machines. The vending machine refurbishing technicians will also install a Vendmiser, which is a motion detector, at the back of your machine.


The motion detector minimizes the amount of energy your machine consumes by cutting your machine off for up to 45 minutes when it detects that nobody has been to the break room for a long period.



While professional vending machine repair services may seem expensive, it’s advisable to seek professional help to avoid extensive damages and costly repairs down the road.

We, at A&M Equipment Sales, offer steadfast shipping protection, which includes sturdy corner boards, 2×4 pallets’, shrink wraps, double metal bands, and leg runners to ensure your machine arrives at your location undamaged.

Our partnership with reputable carriers ensures that you get the most negotiated shipping rates on the market regardless of your location across the globe.

What the Coronavirus Means for Your Vending Machine Business


There is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now with the Coronavirus running rampant. This is a modern pandemic that we’ve never seen before, and it’s left a path of destruction in its wake. The Coronavirus pandemic has caused thousands to die, but there is a much deeper economic problem brewing.

That’s why, today, I want to show you how to navigate the harsh economic landscape brought by the Coronavirus. The economic impact has definitely been felt, and unfortunately, this is how it’s going to be for a while.

It may sound bleak, but it’s the truth. Now, while all hope may seem lost while everyone is stuck indoors, I’m here to tell you that there is no need to panic. Having a future-proof vending machine business is not impossible, but you need to follow the right steps.

By the end of this post, not only will you know how to thrive during the pandemic, but you’ll be able to provide a service that people truly need. So, without wasting time, let’s dive right in.

What to expect during the Coronavirus pandemic

The Coronavirus has introduced social distancing that’s never even seen before. People need to remain 6 feet apart, and all non-essential businesses have started to close their doors. Nobody knows how long this will go on for, so I want to spend some time going over what the impact of this will be on the vending machine industry.

The Current State of Vending Machines

While a lot of businesses are closing, that doesn’t mean that vending machines are suddenly irrelevant. Believe it or not, the opposite is actually true. While there may be rules and regulations surrounding walk-in businesses, there has been no legislation or temporary holds put in place on vending machines.

I also want to mention how helpful vending machines can be during the pandemic. There is little to no human interaction, and people can safely get the products they need without risking their health or the health of others. It’s a win-win, which is why they remain open. 

A trend we are starting to see is many of our venders are replacing their Micro Mart setups with automated vending machines because of new safety issues due to COVID-19 and the easy spread of germs.  This trend is because, with Micro Marts, customers can touch the merchandise before purchasing.

So, if you were worried about closing up shop for a while, hopefully, this puts your mind at ease.

Adjustments You May Have to Make

As I mentioned a moment ago, vending machines are still able to operate as they were. Now, while this may be the case, that doesn’t mean that you won’t feel an impact. Depending on the location of your vending machine, there could be a huge fluctuation in foot traffic. If you have a machine in a non-essential business, trust me, you’ll definitely want to find a new spot as soon as possible.

On the other hand, if you have a vending machine in a good location or essential business, you can actually expect a very similar profit margin. So, when push comes to shove, it really comes down to your location.

Keep in mind that some situations may be unique, so just keep a close eye on the location of your vending machines to see if you may need to move.

The future-proof vending machine business: how to turn a profit while helping the community

I’m sure many of you are worried about maintaining the costs of your machines and potentially losing out on the profits you’ve been expecting. I know how frightening that can be, but it doesn’t have to be that way. As a vending machine owner, you’re actually in a great position to make some money. Let me explain.

Choosing a High-Traffic Location

The first thing you’ll want to do is choose a location that has high-traffic. During social distancing, my advice is to look into food service locations. These can be supermarkets, pizzerias, parks, and any other place that people might flock to when it’s time to leave their homes.

Even if it’s only temporary, moving your vending machine to one of these locations can be very profitable. Think about it, if people only have a few places to go, you have a chance to get your vending machine in front of all of the potential customers you need.

It may seem strange to look at it this way, but vending machines are in a unique position to actually see an uptick in business.

Choosing The Right Products

Location is only half the battle, so you need to be clever with your product selection. With the pandemic impacting supply and demand, people are typically only buying what they need. For a vending machine that carries snacks, this can be a bit problematic. Luckily, all you need to do is focus on your customers.

During the pandemic, people’s needs have changed. People will be more eager to get essentials like fruits, vegetables, groceries, and bulk goods. While vending machines may not be able to house large stocks of products, you can still help the community while turning a profit. To do so, consider stocking vending machines with products like:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Canned goods
  • Tissues
  • Masks
  • Gloves
  • Disinfecting spray

If you stock products like this, I bet you’ll have no problem keeping your level of profits or even increasing it.

Final Thoughts

It may seem like social distancing is going to go on forever, but like all things, it will come to an end. The good news is that a future-proof vending machine business is easy to maintain during the pandemic. Plus, not only can you survive this, but you can help others do the same.

While there may be less foot traffic, think about the opportunity. A lot of businesses will be closed down, which leaves people with fewer options when it comes time to grab essentials. Filling your vending machines with the right products can help you keep the profits coming in while providing people with a service that can truly make a difference.

How Hair Vending Machines can bring you the Stability you Need

hair salon vending machine

Today, I’ll be showing you how hair vending machines can play a crucial role within your business. To be blunt, no matter the beauty business, a vending machine fitted with the right products can help you supplement your income.

If you own a hair salon, you know exactly how it goes; one day will be up, while the next may be down. Even the best businesses face temporary lulls in income, but what if there was a way around this? I know exactly how to solve this, and the answer might surprise you.

So now that you know what you’ll be looking at, I hope I have your attention because it’s time to learn all about how hair vending machines can be of service to you.

Leasing or buying hair vending machines

Before I get into just how effective hair vending machines can, I want to set some time aside to speak to you about your options. This is due to the fact that there are a few ways to go about obtaining a vending machine, and it depends on your goals.

Leasing hair vending machines

When you lease a vending machine, think about this process as renting out an area of your business. A company will come in, set up the machine, and be on their merry way. This is a great way to earn some passive income, and there are plenty of companies out there ready and waiting.

Now, while it may net you a profit, let me be the first to tell you that those profits are going to be slim. Why? Because it’s not your machine, and you’ll only get a percentage of the actual profits.

Buying hair vending machines

In my opinion, for a hair/beauty salon at least, buying a vending machine is a much better option.

Let me explain why:

Sure, it might cost you upwards of $6,000 depending on the machine, but the profits will pay for themselves. Trust me, hair vending machines in the right location will make you plenty of money.

You want to know what the good news is? That right location is your beauty/hair salon. Think about it; people already have an interest in your service if they’re shopping with you, so why wouldn’t they get the products they need all in the same place?

What should I stock in hair vending machines?

Now that you’re thinking about getting your hands on a little money maker, you’re probably curious about what products you should choose. Don’t panic, though, because I’ll give you some good ideas.

Hair related products

Now, if you own a hair salon, this is definitely a given. If you’ll be using hair vending machines, be sure to carry hair related products like:

  • Weaves
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hair dye
  • Hair spray
  • Moose

These are only a few ideas, but you see what I’m getting at, right?


Having body creams is also a great idea, and friendly for any beauty oriented business. Here are some ideas for you:

  • Face moisturizers
  • Edge Cream
  • Shaving creams
  • Exfoliating creams
  • Foot cream
  • Hand cream

When it comes to these products, please, feel free to get creative.


Accessories is a broad term, and that’s due to the fact that so many different types exist. Now, for hair vending machines, you’ll want to stick with products like:

  • Fake eyelashes
  • Hair extensions
  • Stick-on nails
  • Makeup items

Like I said earlier; feel free to get very creative with this.

What products work the best in hair vending machines?

Now I’ve shown you the products, you’re probably wondering which route is the most profitable one. This is understandable, but what if I told you that you should carry a wide variety?

So instead of just carrying hair products in hair vending machines, why not throw some accessories and creams in as well. Think about it; the more product diversity you have, the better your chances of creating a sale can be.

Final thoughts

Hair vending machines are definitely something of a hidden gem within the beauty industry. It’s something that not a lot of people think about, but I hope that I have you thinking about it.

Vending machines may seem useless, I get it, but the second you have one you’ll immediately notice the difference. Even if you only make an extra $50-100 each day, which is the average in high traffic areas, that’s almost another $3,000 in income for your business.

So what are you waiting for?

Choosing the Right Vending Machine for your Laundromat

Laundromat vending machine

Owning a laundromat is a beautiful thing; it really is. You get to meet members of your community, and you provide a truly valuable service. Now, while this may be the case, have you ever asked yourself if you could do more with all of the space you have?

Making money with a laundromat is a fairly simple concept; it just works. While this may be the case, having the right vending machine for your laundromat can earn you some extra cash; maybe even make some of your regulars happier to hangout for a little longer.

Therefore, I’ll be showing you how a vending machine can be a profitable tool for your laundromat. Plus, not only is it a great way to make extra cash, but you’ll also find that the right vending machine can be the perfect amenity to draw more customers in.

So let’s take a look at the options you have, and how to exploit them for some extra income.


If you want to make some extra money with your laundromat, you can always lease a vending machine. This is a bit different than buying your own vending machine, because you won’t have to handle any of the day-to-day.

What does that mean?

It’s simple, whoever owns the machine handles the hassle. They’ll choose the machine, maintain the machine, and even fill it with the product selection that they offer. All you need to do is rent out the space, and plenty of vending machines companies will jump at the chance to throw some coin your way.

Also, an important thing to be aware of with leasing is that there is no liability. If something is expired, or if someone injures themselves, you’re not held accountable.

What’s the downside to laundromat vending machines?

The only real downside here is that you won’t earn a large share of the profits. This is a set it and forget it type of deal, so just make sure you know what you’re getting into.

While leasing a vending machine may be hassle-free, I would definitely consider buying one if you own a laundromat. I’ll have more on that for you in just a moment.


Now that we’ve taken a look at the leasing option, I want to show you why buying a vending machine is very lucrative. It might seem like they don’t draw in a lot of money, but it’s actually quite the opposite. When you buy a vending machine for your laundromat, it will definitely pay for itself.

How much do laundromat vending machines cost?

The price can really range. This is due to the fact that older machines can be as inexpensive as $500, while a brand new machine may cost you up to $4,000 (top-notch).

While a new machine will look flashy and have more appeal, it’s not a bad idea to look at an older machine. Why? Because they all perform the same exact function anyway.

Pro tip: save some money upfront and dress it up yourself!

How profitable are laundromat vending machines?

Laundromat vending machines are a very solid way to make some income. You can even finance most new ones for less than $500 per month, and you’ll likely see an ROI of around $1,000 per month. So when you think about it, choosing the right vending machine can be highly lucrative.

What laundromat vending machines offer the best ROI?

This is really up to you, the owner, but I do have some tips to make sure that this is worth it. For example, the average combination vending machine (both food and drink), can make you up to $50 to $100 per day. Of course, this all depends on the location; which is why your laundromat is an excellent spot for a vending machine.

Let me break this down for you. At a laundromat, people spend quite a bit of time there. Not only are people coming in quite often, but when they’re spending 20-30 minutes waiting around, they may be tempted to grab a snack.

Here is a quick look at some of the best laundromat vending machines based on the upfront price and profit expectation:

  • Food and drink machines: more expensive upfront, but more profitable over time
  • Bulk candy vending machines: very inexpensive, and a good way to make consistent money; albeit a bit less

Final thoughts 

At the end of the day, I can’t make this decision for you. I know that you may have a lot of expenses already, but when you consider the easy money that you can make with laundromat vending machines, it’s definitely worth it.

Personally, I would start with a small machine. Maybe go with a bulk candy machine to get your feet wet. See how that machine does, and if you like what you see, grab yourself food and drink machine to go with it.

Also, keep in mind that a lot of this has to do with your clients. Obviously, you know your clients best, so go ahead and stock whatever you think they might like the best.

If you’re feeling bold, why not ask around to see how your customers would respond?

Now that you know the facts, do you think that laundromat vending machines are right for you?

Why Take Advantage Of A Vending Machine Business Opportunity?

Vending Machine Business Opportuntiy

It’s a good idea to learn a little more about a vending machine business opportunity before you invest in it. That way, you can know if it’s something you’re willing to work with. Here you’re going to learn what to do and what to expect when considering getting into the vending machine business.

Do Your Research

You’re going to first want to know why a vending machine business is worth starting. First of all, you’re going to make good money off of the machine, especially if you can get it placed in a spot where there are a lot of people coming through. Another benefit is that you can work for yourself instead of having someone telling you what to do with your machines. There are ways to get vending machines cheap that you can pay off over time, as well, so you don’t have to be rich to start a vending machine company.

Relationship Building for a Vending Machine Business Opportunity

When you want to work with vending machines, you’re going to want to make friends with people that have businesses where they have a lot of foot traffic. For instance, you may have a call center company nearby that employs a lot of people that need snacks and beverages while they’re at work. Since they probably can’t leave work whenever they want to get something to eat or drink, you can work with the company to place vending machines in the building where people tend to gather like the room where people go to eat lunches.

Vending Machine Maintenance

A vending machine business is going to make you money if you make sure to take care of your machines. If you have a lot of machines, then you may want to hire someone to help you take care of them. Either way, if you don’t take care of your machines, they can run out of product, or something can happen like one may get jammed up and not take money any longer. If you pay attention to what’s going on with each machine, you can make sure they’re filled with product and working the right way at all times.

Products for Your Machines

There are a lot of vending machine types out there that you can work with. You’ll also find that there are a lot of places to source product from, so you don’t have to pay full price for food and beverage products. Once you have a business started and have a few vending machines you can place somewhere good, you’re going to need to find a source for product. Look for local vendors in your area, or if you have to have product delivered since it’s cheaper that way for you, then set that up right away so you can get started.

What To Do After Reviewing a Vending Machine Business Opportunity

Now you know about vending machine business opportunity options that are out there. If you want to make good money, remember that location is key and that you need to take care of your machines. It’s important to really take the time necessary to do a great job so you can make the most money.

Vending Machine Financing: How To Fund A Vending Machine Business

Vending Machine Financing

Vending machine financing can make or break your vending machine business. Whether you are a young entrepreneur or a retiree looking to add another income stream to your portfolio, starting a vending machine business is a good option. Vending machines are synonymous with convenience, and they are everywhere. Importantly, from an investment standpoint, the vending machine industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with the potential to grow some more.

As it stands, this profitable venture helps companies and business people across the country improve their bottom lines quite considerably every year. With proper location research, having the right growth strategy in place, and making use of an optimal vending machine financing, there is considerable potential for you to rack in profits year-over-year. Moreover, you can succeed in growing a profitable business venture with little capital expenditure and low maintenance requirements.

With that in mind, herein we will explore how you can start and how to finance your vending machine business.

How Important Is Vending Machine Financing To Your Business?

Equipment financing is fundamental to the success of your business, considering the cost implications of setting up a vending machine business. Vending machines are expensive to purchase. For instance, a used basic vending machine model can cost well over a thousand dollars. However, investing in a basic model will limit the return on investment. You would accrue over time as it does not have many of the necessary features to capitalize on all opportunities.

If you want a vending machine that has an inbuilt credit card machine and other modern features, you should expect to fork out tens of thousands of dollars to purchase the vending machine. Moreover, you must have plans in place to grow your business. As such, you must be able to replace outdated and or broken vending machines. This will be to ensure your business continues to grow and reap maximum return on investment.

This is where equipment financing comes in. It helps you acquire the vending machines you need to start your business and to upgrade the equipment when needed. With the option to take up 100% financing, you do not have to worry about the high upfront costs associated with setting you a vending machine business.

What Are The Advantages Of Vending Machine Financing?

  1. Vending Machine Financing Helps You Optimize Your Financial Resources

With vending machine financing, you can free up more of your financial resources. Leaving more to other critical areas of your business to support business growth. You do not have to spend all your working capital on purchasing vending machines.

    2. It Lowers The Up-Front Costs

Aside from receiving 100% financing on the equipment cost, you can get financing on the delivery and installation costs as well as taxes. This reduces the upfront costs you incur, allowing you to start a profitable business on a limited budget.

   3. Payment Flexibility Of Vending Machine Financing Helps You Grow Your Business

When you deal with a good financing company such as Vend Lease, you receive exceptional payment flexibility terms. A flexible payment structure helps you sustain your growth as it conforms to your cash flow fluctuations. Moreover, Vend Lease has many end-of-term options you can choose.

   4. You Do Not Have Worry About Equipment Disposal

With vending machine financing, you do not have to worry about how to dispose of the vending machines. The financing company handles the disposition of the machine, taking away any unnecessary burden that comes with selling the vending machine on the used vending machine market.

For your business, this means you retain and preserve your line of credit. Thus, ensuring you have the right cash reserves and cash flow for your business to thrive. So, when you choose a company with ample payment flexibility such as Vend Lease, you do not have to strain to pay for the financing of your vending machine business.

Vending Machines for Fitness Centers – What Is Possible?

Vending Machines for Fitness Centers - A&M Equipment Sales

Looking to Add Vending Machines to Your Fitness Center?

Fitness centers all over the country are adding vending machines to take care of their customer’s needs. With more and more fitness centers, being open 24 hours, there is no way to stock and sell all the items your customers might need without a vending machine.

My name is Joe Nichols, and I have been going to the gym for the last eight years. When it comes to wants and needs, I always find myself in search of one thing or another. And sometimes, it’s not what you would typically think you would find in a vending machine.

As a vending machine professional and occasional gym rat, here are the many items you can find inside vending machines today.

Drink Vending Machine Items:

  • Gatorade
  • Specialty Water
  • Muscle milk
  • Pre-workout drinks,
  • Protein Shakes
  • After workout drinks

Snack Vending Machine Items:

  • Protein bars.
  • Trail mix
  • Candy bars.

Hardware Vending Machine Items:

  • As far as hardware, here are some great items to stock.
  • Locks (for the lockers)
  • Earplugs,
  • Surgical Masks
  • Umbrellas
  • Books

Other Non-traditional Vending Machine Items:

  • Hair Extensions
  • Champaign
  • Caviar
  • Cupcakes
  • T-shirts and lingerie
  • Gold (Yes…Gold)

Payment Systems for Vending Machines:

As for payment systems. I always carry my cell phone and a credit card. With a credit card reader, these machines will accept credit cards and Apple Pay. This machine will accept cash, credit cards, and Apple Pay. The credit card acceptor also has a display to show advertisements or upcoming events. All of this information can be displayed on one 39-inch-wide machine.

As a final note, most items in these machines can be purchased at Sam’s Club or Costco. Each vending machine has a telemetry system that tells you what items are sold out and the amount of money in the machine.

Need help with your vending machine options? Check out our vast selection of new vending machines and used vending machines for your business. We can also provide custom graphics for the machines, or you can make up your own. Why not make money and also provide for your customer’s needs? For the perks, call your team at A&M. You can email Barry, Jonathan, Jerry, or Joe, and they are available to help you through the entire process. You can also call them direct at 1-800-713-6217.

The Complete Guide to the Vending Machine Business

Complete Guide - Vending Machine Business - A&M Equipment Sales

Welcome to the complete guide to the vending machine business.

  1. How The Vending Machine Business Work
  2. How to Make Money In Vending
  3. Strategies to Find Profitable Vending Locations
  4. How to Service A New Vending Account – Part 1
  5. How to Service A New Vending Account – Part 2
  6. How to Service A New Vending Account – Handling The Money
  7. How to Service A New Vending Account – Drink Machines
  8. How to Service A New Vending Account – Get Organized
  9. The Vending Business Cycle – Part 1
  10. The Vending Business Cycle – Part 2

1. How The Vending Machine Business Works

In this ebook, we discuss how the vending machine business works. A lot of times people who are new to the vending business think they have to buy a vending machine first.

But that’s not necessarily true.  What is the most important thing to start with?

The first thing that’s most important in any business venture that you undertake is to do a little bit of planning. And the second thing is, before you go and buy equipment, how about have a place to put it. And when we say that, what we mean is go out and make some sales and get an account first. This is the complete guide to the Vending machine business.

So, where are good places to put a vending machine?

There are all kinds of places where you see vending machines out here in the world. You see them everywhere, from on street corners and private businesses to retail shops.  Some vending machines are even becoming retail-based shops.

This is where we have to get into a little bit of the planning like mentioned before.  You could go into a planning situation where you decide what do you, think about what is going to be best for the business, and it helps you make money. Perhaps the reason you’re actually reading this ebook is to find out what options are available.

So when you get into planning, you should develop an idea of what you want to do, and then you decide what businesses or what types of vending locations you want to be successful.  What might be an excellent location for one vendor may not necessarily be an excellent location for another.

So, let’s say if you were starting a vending business today, how would you go about finding locations?

We’d recommend looking for areas where there’s growth in business, and while that sounds broad, there’s less competition, growing businesses and things like that.

A lot of it’s going to depend on what are your particular ideas.  Do you want to be in schools? School vending is going to be around for quite some time, as long as their school. So really depends on what your particular goals and objectives are.

So let’s say you land a placement.  You get a deal with a business or organization that want your vending machines. What’s next?

Well, you get this business, now you need to go out, and you need to go buy the equipment. And of course, there’s probably a thousand choices on equipment. One thing that people need to understand in vending is that you have to keep your expenses low.  So if you’re new to vending, we suggest you go for refurbished equipment, and you go to a quality supplier, someone that’s been doing refurbished equipment for quite some time.

We’d love you to check out our refurbished vending machines.

So now that you have your equipment, what’s the next step?

Now that you have your equipment, it’s time to install the equipment.  This can be a simple or difficult job depending on the location. Usually, there are several people in a given area or anywhere that can move equipment for you. I would suggest if you’re starting, that you have someone that knows what they’re doing move your equipment. Vending machines are heavy. There’s a lot of real tricks and moving vending machines.  If you’ve been doing it for as long as we have, you eventually learn all of the tips and tricks to getting them through doors, how to do it without taking them apart and so forth and so on. But I suggest you hire somebody to do it. There’s plenty of qualified people in a given market that will move things for you.

You move it, and you’re going to set it up.  At that point, you know it doesn’t walk into that account completely filled and completely working and completely priced out. Now again, depending on where you purchase your equipment from, some of those issues might be done for you, but you will eventually have to learn how to do those things anyway.

The Ultimate Guide To The Vending Machine Business

2. How to Make Money in the Vending Business.

Now I know sometimes people getting started in a business or in particular, a vending business have some misconceptions about what it means to be in business.

The most common thing heard about business, in general, is that if you’re in business, you’re making money. That’s the number one comment we hear. And then, of course, you hear it a lot in the vending business because after all, everybody knows how much your product cost. You can buy it for a quarter and sell it for fifty cents and of course you’re making millions on that – just millions.

So the question is, what kind of things are vending professionals who are successful in the vending business doing that most of the new vendors are not aware of?

They plan, and they set goals. And one of the things, if you’re contemplating getting in the vending business, you want to do is set some goals.

We were joking earlier about money, but you could possibly make millions of dollars in the vending business if you wanted to. It’s just a question of successful planning and successful goal setting.  In regards to goal setting and planning, if you’re going to do well, you have to see your self in the business, you have to feel yourself in the business.

Here is a shortlist of questions you will need to answer to set meaningful goals as a new vending operator.

  1. How many new accounts do I plan on getting this year?
  2. What kind of accounts are they going to be?
  3. How am I going to service them?
  4. What are they going to look like?

And whatever your answers are, you’re going to have to be very specific.

Here is an example:

“I want to have four new accounts this year. I want these accounts to have 50 to 100 people in them. And, the populations of those accounts to be let’s say 50 percent Hispanic and the rest is a mix. I want it largely in a blue-collar operation and, to have a single snack, and a single soda machine there and I want these accounts to generate X amount of dollars per year. I plan on servicing these accounts once or twice a week depending on the volume of business that I’m going to do.”


This kind of detailed planning that helps you understand exactly what you’re going to do because the rest of your business can be determined by those parameters that we just set out. It’s all about planning again. And, getting your ducks in a row and implementing that plan.

And so, again you know we just touched on the fact that vending people work hard. Typical vending day, you’re going to be up early in the morning. You’re going to do one of two things. You are going to be up early in the morning or work late at night. I always got up early in the morning.  Early in the morning to us is 4:30 am.  We would have trucks loaded and be on the road by 6:00 am.  Be at our first stop at around 6:30 am. We’re going to work from 6:30 am until whenever.  We generally sat in accounts during traffic times.  Again, a bit of planning.  We didn’t want to have our guys driving around in traffic looking at a windshield when they could be looking at the glass of a machine filling it.

So that was part of the plan where the team would be out, and they would work until about 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm, sometimes 5:00 pm.  After which, they turn in their money. They had to restock their trucks to a certain degree.  They restock in the morning as well, and they’re ready to go for the day. And sometimes you know, on a good day, we’d be done by 7:00 pm.

As an owner/manager, that’s hard work when you do it five to seven days a week.  But, you have to have that planned out. That’s goal-setting. That’s how you get yourself going.

3. Strategies to Find Profitable Vending Locations

Let’s do a little role-playing. You’re new to the vending business, and you’ve got one vending account, and you want more. How do you get more vending accounts?  This is a question we get asked an awful lot, so we’re going to ask you a couple of questions first.

So, Your current account, is it close to where you drive all the time? Is it something you know when you go there? How many times do you go there a week? Answer these questions first.

“Well, the account is kinda far, I go there probably four times a week. Also, it’s full of people mainly during the evening hours.”

So you’re there servicing the account usually during the day because you don’t want to be there when people are there.


OK. So, you know this account like the back of your hand, and you now want another account under your belt. Thus, the big question is, do you want another account like that or do you want something that’s close by. These are the questions you need to ask yourself, and a lot of it depends on do you want to spend your time close or do you want to drive the distance to get bigger accounts.

For example, let’s go over the scenario that you want to stay close. First off let’s understand that this is called selling, right? Now, nobody likes to sell but everybody needs to know how to sell, and selling in the vending industry is not as difficult as people want to think. Selling in the vending industry is actually pretty easy, particularly if you have just one satisfied customer.   Which obviously, if you have the one account, you’re maintaining it, you’ve got a satisfied customer.

So it goes this way. The first thing you should do is very basic prospecting. Get into the vehicle or walk. It doesn’t really matter. But you can drive around and see what’s around the neighborhood. What’s within a mile of you. Depending on if you are in an urban or rural area, you may have to expand your search radius to search for potential candidates.  As you drive around looking for vending accounts, you want a place with 20 employees in there all the time or at least 20 people there during an eight-hour work shift.

For us, that’s a very bare minimum number that’s worked for other vendors for years. How do you determine if there are 20 people?  Well, you can tell an awful lot by the size of the building, the size of the parking lot, the number of cars in the parking lot is actually an excellent way to get to figure out how many people are actually in the facility. So you go, and you find there’s a place that’s got 50 cars in the parking lot. All right. That’s somebody that I think I’m going to go in and talk to. Now, what do you have to do? Well, you got to get to the decision-maker somehow and convince them that you’ve got an excellent thing for his business.

How do you go about doing that?  The tendency at least in our sales experience in all the years we’ve been selling is you tend to go in the front door and talk to the secretary. What’s the secretary’s job?  To keep you out.  So for the smart vendor, you have to go around to the back. Go to the loading dock or something like that and try to find some buddy that works there. But don’t bother them because you don’t want to bother them. But you go in, and you find somebody that works there and ask him a couple of questions.  The first question is, do you have vending? And you might laugh at that, but you’d be surprised.

What to ask if they already have a vending service?

The next question is if you do have vending, I run a vending business, are you guys happy with who you have? Now that guy back there, he’s got no skin in the game. He’s going to tell you the way it is. “Well, you know this or that or whatever.” He’s going to tell you everything you need to know nine out of ten times.  At least that’s been my experience. He’s gonna tell you “Yeah. They do an excellent job. You know it’s this X Y Z company, and the guy’s always here, and the machines work…” He’s going to tell you everything that you need to know about how it’s going as a general rule because people will talk about it, particularly if he uses it a lot.

So notice we haven’t talked about making phone calls to get this information. Well, you can go and do telemarketing if you want. You can make your phone calls and solicit the information. It’s just that if you’re going to go on what we call a geographic base, which means you want to be within a certain radius around your existing accounts, you’re almost better off to do it by driving.

Here is a success tip for vending professionals.  Try to make a sales call a day. Make one sales call a day, and that means stop in somewhere on your route.  Stop into one of the businesses you don’t have as an account. You drive by hundreds of accounts every single day. Most likely you drive by probably ten accounts going to the grocery store every day. You just don’t realize their potential accounts. This is a kind of market research. When you get in, and you talk to an employee, you’ll find out what they know, are they happy, what did they like.  And you want to listen to what they have to say because essentially they’re the ones that pay your paychecks.

Now at the same time, we’ve walked in and talked to an employee, and the guy says “Oh my God! I’m so glad you’re here. You know this guy it’s terrible, and the food’s old, and it’s moldy.” We’ve gotten dragged into a president’s office one day by the dock manager, and he said you need to talk to this guy. Well, we closed that account that day.  So while it sounds cumbersome, it works.  It really does work.

You can do the same thing for prospecting.  You can do it at your local church or with people you know. Ask everybody you know, a) do you have anybody and b) are you happy with them?  There are a million ways the prospect we can talk for hours on this topic.

But like we mentioned, if you’re going to do a geographically and you’re planning, you want to do it around the center.  If you want to do the other way where you want to do a size comparison, then you get on the Internet. You get on the phone. Do your research. And, say you know I want to find places with 200 employees. The number of places with two hundred employees is a much more limited thing. You can do the same techniques but it just takes a little bit more time, and you’re going to have to identify those prospects before you go in. Sometimes it’s easy; sometimes it’s not.

The Ultimate Guide To The Vending Machine Business

4. How to Service A New Vending Account – Part 1

What to do when you’ve got an account.

So, you’ve just landed a new account, and it’s at a gym, that you are also a member. What what do you do now?

Well let’s take a step back and let’s think some things,  Now you’ve got your machines in there already, and you’ve chosen your product. In fact, your products are already in the machine.  So from here on out we’re looking at you actually having to service the account.

So, we like to call this part of planning because you have to think about what you’re doing. The first thing is you have an idea of how much you think you’re going to sell of any given product. But if you have a new account and you don’t have a lot of experience, you have to be prepared for when you go in. Eventually, accounts get to where you’ll know what they’re going to sell because you’ve been there so much and the clientele doesn’t change much.

But when you go in new and when you have no experience, there’s a bunch of things you have to think about. The first thing is how much extra product do you actually take. Do you take 50 bags of chips in? Do you take in 50 candy bars or pastries? What do you expect to take in there? Just as a tip, we would go in and do a little recon beforehand.  We would walk into an account and see what’s sold a couple of days before we were getting ready to service it so that we knew what to bring because it’s different account to account.

But, since you are new, this is your first account, and you’ve never run a vending route, here is a question.  How do you get the product into the account?  Well, you have a lot of choices.  The obvious choice is the hand truck.  When it comes to going out and buying hand trucks and/or ways to move your equipment. There’s platform dollies; there’s hand trucks, there’s a pallet jacks and things like that. There are all kinds of things that you’ll see to move product around, but probably the most common is the hand truck.

We do know several vendors that have run very successfully with platform dollies which is a four-wheel dolly with a fold-down handle that you could fold up and they stack their product up on that. But you’re going to need something to move product, particularly if you’re moving drinks. Drinks are very heavy. And if you have to move eight to ten cases of drinks, while you can do it by hand meaning you can take two cases of drinks at a time and walk them in there.  Oh!  By the way.  Speaking of your gym membership, you’ll be dropping that because you’ll get very fit very rapidly if you choose that option.

But even if you don’t, you still have to move all that product in there, and if your accounts are good accountants, you’re going to need to move a pretty good volume of material. So think about how you’re going to get things from your vehicle into the account. And we could go on about vehicles as well, but we’re going to stick to a single account right now and just say that somebody is working out of a car, pickup truck or a small van. You’ll be fine running one account out of a small vehicle.

So moving forward here’s a concern right away. When do you think you would want to be in the gym servicing that account? What time of day would be the best? Well, there’s a couple of questions. First off, in the case of your gym, the very first thing you have to think about is when are they open.  So, in your gym’s case, the hours are 6:00 a.m. till 1:00 p.m. But the thing is, there are a lot of people there at the very early hours in the morning. And then most people are there in the evening.

So you would probably think the best time to service the account is in the afternoons or the late morning to early afternoons.  Do you think that’s the best time?  We say yes because there are fewer people at those times.  Vending is a lot about efficiency. It’s about getting in, getting your machines filled and getting out. And we don’t mean that negatively. It’s just your time is money.  We will go into more tricks and tips like that later in this book, but there is a lot of great ways to load a machine, so that is super-efficient.  You can do more stops in a day.

So you’ve got your time’s narrowed down that you’re going to go in there in the mid-morning to mid-afternoon because that’s the time when there are the least busy. In a more traditional business type, the times that you want to be there are in the non-break hours. If you go into a manufacturing plant, they generally have predetermined breaks on a specific hour of the days, and those are the times you try to stay out of the break room because that’s the times when everybody’s coming into the break room. So you’ve got to think about those kinds of things first. You’ve got to think about how you get your product from point A to point B.

5. How to Service A New Vending Account – Part 2

What you do after you land an account.

How do you get the product into the machine and how can you be efficient in that area.

Now it’s time to talk about loading your machines. You always want to make sure your entire team is working at maximum efficiency. Because after all, your time is your money and the more that your team can get done and the more stops they could make, the more money they can make. Now I don’t know too many people in the vending business that does not make money. So efficiency becomes key in filling up your vending machines.

When we set ourselves up for the vending business, we set ourselves up with a system. When we originally started, we used to do a pick list at every stop. We used to walk into the account, go through every machine and go through the levels of inventory that we had predetermined.  We would restock to those levels and then we would write down what else we needed on a piece of paper. Walk back out to the truck, pull those products and come back in and fill the machines.

Towards the end of my business, we started carrying a pre-filled kit into the accounts. So we had bits and pieces.  We had enough product to fill up a whole machine if it was empty. We carried those in bins and all of those bins came in at once. Your choice of doing this is your choice. You can do it one way or the other it doesn’t matter. The premise is exactly the same. When we would load our bins, they were loaded in the same order as our machines so that all the chips that were on the top row were in one box. The same thing on all the rows of your snack machines, that’s how we loaded our boxes.

If you go and you do a pick list, you go back out to the truck and pick the things, you pick them in order and you do that for a reason. When you get to the front of the machine the last thing that you want to do is start going from tray to tray, meaning you don’t want to pull the top tray out, put one product up there then have to go three trays down and then go back and second tray. You see where I’m going with this?  You want to go to the top trade and, you want to fill every slot on that top tray that you need to fill.  That takes organization. You got to think about it a little bit beforehand so you get yourself in an organized system.

Either you do a pick list or you do it in boxes. When we went to the end, we started doing it by boxes because we just restock the boxes at the end of every stop actually. So we walk in and we add the things for the top shelf that we needed.  We pull the top shelf down, bing, bing, bing.  Shelf goes in, box goes down, next box comes up. Bing, bing, bing.  Same thing on a pick list.  If you do a pick list, you go in and you write down I need five of these, five of that, five of this. You put them into the box that you’re going to draw out of, five of these, five of this, five or that, and then they come out exactly the reversed order.

Critical information if you want to be successful in the vending business.  You can go back and forth or you can do it the way I describe. Doing it the first way, you’re going to spend five times as much time servicing an account as you will if you put it into an organizational system. That’s just one of the success tips.

The Ultimate Guide To The Vending Machine Business

6. New Vending Account – Handling The Money

Now it’s time to talk about how to handle the money and a few other essential things.

We had filled up all of the snack machines up.  We had gone tray by tray, and we have everything handled most efficiently. So now the question is What do you do next.

Well, you’ve got a couple of concerns one. Let’s go to the big one. Everybody likes to handle the money.  But there are some concerns of course when you’re dealing with money, and it is not what you think. It’s not all that great. In the vending business, security becomes a pretty big issue. And one of the significant security issues is when you handle your money.  Because the minute that money comes out of that machine it becomes vulnerable to being stolen. It can get stolen out of the machine too.

But generally, if you’re keeping your machines locked, you know they’re going to have to break into that machine. But we can tell you from personal experience if you take the money out and you put it in a bag, or you happen to take the dollar bills out, set them down behind you because you’re going to get a bag to put them in, guess what happens?  You set them down, and somebody walks by and poof they’re gone. We say it because it’s happened or somebody distracts you, and somebody else grabs the money. You think it doesn’t happen, but it happens all the time if you’re not careful.

So when we talk about handling the money, we want to talk about a couple of issues. One is you need some kind of a bag to put your money in. Generally, we’ve invested in some nice heavy-duty canvas bags that you can buy through the various, different banking outlets.  Your bank people can hook you up with that kind of information. You want some decent money bags, something that can handle quite a bit of coin and quite a number of bills. So that’s the first thing you need to acquire.

When you get done stocking your machines, we always did money last. You either do it first or last; it’s your choice. We always did it last because we took it to the truck and the truck left the scene. So, they would have to run the truck down to steal the money from us, not break into the truck to steal the money. With that said, it’s your choice.  You can do it however you want, but that’s just the tip that we use.  When you get ready to handle that money, you want that bag ready and open. Here at A&M, we have trained all our people to do this.

We used the door of the machine as a barrier and a block. It is best practice to never handle money without having the door usually up against our shoulder and the side. We would kind of wedge ourselves between the door and the machine and have our body blocking how much money I was handling because they don’t really know that.  “They,” meaning the bad guys or the people in the account. First off let’s step back. You don’t want the people in the account to know how much money you’re taking out of that account. You just don’t. It is better to give the impression that you’re not taking very much money out of that account because that just makes it easier for you to be in the vending business.

We always did coin first.  We would pull that coin box out and pour that money into the bag. At that point, we would open the bill validator and slide the money out and into the bag it goes, in one big sweep.  Put it in and close the bag up.  You think I’m paranoid but trust me, it only takes getting stolen from one time, just once, and you’ll learn your lesson.  You want to be quick in getting that money and at that point put it into one of my boxes and bury it underneath the chips.  Do not set it out on top of anything.

Do not set it out where somebody can snatch and grab it, and it’s gone right.  If you really want to be sneaky and you’re picking up money from multiple machines, put your money into multiple boxes just so long that you don’t forget where you put the money.

Those are simple security measures that allow you to handle the money in one of the safest ways possible. And then as you leave the building, you keep your head on a swivel. And again it depends on the account. You know there are lots of accounts where you’re completely safe but if you’re in a kind of public location, keep your head on a swivel.  Because you don’t know who’s going to come around and all they want is the money most of the time. By the way, if you ever do get confronted by somebody, give them the money. Save your life.  Let it go it’s not worth it.

But these are just little tips.  Bad guys won’t come after you if you’re looking around.  Little tip big payoff the big payoff.

7. New Vending Account – Drink Machines

We just talked about how to handle the money. And now what’s next?

We talked about a snack machine, and we talked about handling the money on a snack machine, but we hadn’t talked about how to service a drink machine. So, let’s do a real quick section on the drink machine just as an addendum to the snack machine. They’re very similar except you have a lot less choice in the number of products and you have a different set of concerns.

The first thing is you know you’re going to need some drinks. You can do them separately, or you can do the snack machine and drink machine together. Let’s assume you’re going to do it separately just because. But if you’re going to do them separately, you’ve made a pick list of what drinks you’ll need because you’ve got your snack machine.  You then open your drink machine.  Take a look, and you need a case of Coke, a case of Pepsi, a case of Mountain Dew and a case of Diet Coke. You run out to the truck, and you get them. This is where you really need that hand truck. You need a hand truck or some kind of way to move that product in.

By the way, you may be asking, what is a pick list?  A pick list is a piece of cardboard or 3×5 card, and you go through your inventory, and you list exactly what products you want to put into your machine.

So in a drink machine case, it’s best to work from left to right. So we would look over to the far left and say that was usually Diet Coke. We’d go we need a Diet Coke, we don’t need any of the grape. Don’t need any of the tea. We need a Dr. Pepper, a Pepsi, a Mountain Dew, and a regular Sprite.  So, we’d have those things listed down.  Whatever the quantity was.  You could do the same thing with the snack machine.  You write down what you need. That’s a pick list. What am I going to the truck to pick up? That’s where the term comes from.

So we go out to the truck with our pick list. Important note to remember.   However you write your list, you’re going to load them backward. So you always load them in order, backward. Do that with the snack machine, and it’s more important with the drinks that you know where each item goes. Put them on your hand truck or your flatbed. You’re going to need a way to carry them because carrying 10 cases of drinks back and forth will kill your time.

We did a study, and we spent on average walking during a day, we walk six to seven miles per day. Our longest walk from a truck to a machine was about two hundred yards, and our closest one was literally to pull the truck up to the machines. But on our average day about six or seven miles. If you can limit the amount of walking that you do, you’ll be a lot better off. So that’s just a quick tip that we have for doing your vending route.

So, you roll in with your product, and then you start filling, and you’ll develop a rhythm for what we call flippin’ drinks. You’ll learn how they go in and whether they’re bottles or cans. You’ll get into a real rhythm for how to load those machines up and how to make things happen smoothly.

So that’s what you’ll get into.  Load mode.  Again, from right to left or left or right.  Always do it the same.  Do all of the motions that you make to be exactly the same whenever you’re loading your machines.  Handling the money other drink machines, again, it’s the same as you do with the snack machine.  You want to close out that door and fill that bag up.  You want to get the money out of the validator and, you want to keep it out of sight as soon as possible. Same thing. Put it into a box or something to take it out of that building and head on your way.

Make sure you remember where you put it. We’ll get into trucks and security issues and things that happen on your truck or your vehicle in a future article.

8. New Vending Account – Get Organized

What to do when you land a new account in your vending operation: Part 3.

So, we talked about how to handle snack and drink machines and how to stock them. And so now, what’s next?

Let’s talk about the combination deal.  This is what you do before you go to service an account and what you do after your service an account. We’re going to talk about how you handle your products, getting them in and out of your vehicles and in and out of your truck. Let’s start with efficiency. You know the only thing we have is our time and we want to be super-efficient. So here is a multiple-choice question. You’re at your warehouse, or you’re at Sam’s Club, and you’re buying products for your accounts, and you go to put them in your vehicle. How do you put them in? Do you:

  • Just throw them in Helter Skelter
  • Open up the packages and throw them all in Helter Skelter
  • Put them in in some kind of an organized fashion

Well, here’s the deal right. The way that you would do that is, and we mention this because you want to be organized,  organization is everything.  The answer is C.

When you purchase your products, or you go to your warehouse, if you have a warehouse, you want to have your vehicle organized in such a way that you know where your products are. How you choose to do that is your business, but you need to have some sort of a system that organizes your products in a way that you understand so that you can quickly access those products. We worked on a plan-a-gram, but we’ll get into that later.

Basically, all our machines were the same, but we used to load our truck just like we loaded our machines, so everything was done by shelf and not so much by column but definitely by shelf. So all the shelves were the same so that when we went to pick a product out of our truck or put the product into our truck, it doesn’t matter it’s one and the same, they went to specific locations. So the top shelf items went in the top shelf, the middle shelf items went in the middle, and the bottom shelf items went in the bottom.

It’s easy to get confused, so if you have them all in the same way, It’s straightforward. The truck looks like the machines.  Do you think that works? Yes.  It helps cut down on time spent filling the machines.  Whether you’re coming out of Sam’s Club or your warehouse, we’re able to get in and out quickly.  This is critical because you’re not going to realize how much time you waste if you just walk out, and throw the full boxes out into the truck with no organization. You’re digging and you’re moving, and you’re doing this, and you’re doing that, and you’re wasting valuable time.

Now, why not option B, the one where you open the box and throw everything into the truck. When you go into the account, and you come out of the account, what do you have?  You have a lot of open boxes with partial product in it.  Why?  Because you don’t put the whole box out there all the time.  Especially if you have a pick list, we discussed a picklist earlier in the ebook.  If you take 48 Snickers candy bars in the box, you’re not going to put 48 into the machine.

The chances are unless that’s absolutely their favorite item, you’re not going to do that. So if you throw the half-full box into the truck when you get done, that box is going to break open, and you’re going to have Snicker bars all over your truck, or you’re going to have bags of potato chips all over your truck.  Again, Been there, done that. Don’t want to do it again. It’s a terrible waste of time having to pick product up off the floor of your vehicle. So have an organizational system for your vehicle. It’s your choice. There are lots of ways to set your vehicles up. Just know where everything is.

The Ultimate Guide To The Vending Machine Business

9. The Vending Business Cycle – Part 1

Finally, it’s time to talk about vending business cycles and the average vending business. We treat this as an annual strategy.

One of the things that we deal with when we’re dealing with a business cycle is human nature and what people’s cycles are throughout the year.  I always start with spring because spring is the time of renewal. It’s when it’s exciting. It’s a great great time because it’s right after a cold winter.

People tend to cycle. They go through yearly and monthly cycles. There’s a lot of things that affect how people do business and what they purchase — things like life events, job changes, and even the weather.  The weather has a huge amount to do with the vending business whether you believe it or not. But we’ll go into some of those specifics. Overall, there are two different primary business cycles in the vending business. There is the account sales portion of the vending business which is when you are going to achieve accounts, and then there’s the retail sales portion or the actual direct sale of the product and service.

As we address these cycles, we’ll discuss the retail side first, and then we’ll talk a little bit about the account sales side. So let’s start with spring. Springtime is generally the time of growth and renewal. It’s when your business starts to pick up.  You start seeing more sales than you did in the wintertime. I’ll get to winter towards the end of this section, but you begin to see things picking up, and it picks up in the vending business. And to be clear, these cycles work pretty much the same whether you’re in the north or south.

Business Cycles In The Vending Business

Springtime is the time to sell products.  In the springtime, we tend to have an increase in product sales mainly because of the weather. It’s cold in the morning. It’s warm in the afternoon.  That lends a significant amount of credence to selling snacks in the morning and selling cold drinks in the afternoon. And then of course coffee.  If you sell coffee, coffee sells always.   Usually, when it’s cold but good coffee drinkers drink coffee all the time, so we’ll leave that one out. But that’s what springtime does for you, so spring is time to sell.

For people, their money’s loosening up a little bit, and they’re looking forward to warmer weather, and it tends to give them a very positive attitude.  Which in turn helps with your sales. It’s going to help people feel better about themselves, and that will lend to your sales on a retail basis.

Now on the account sales side, springtime is kind of a tough time to sell. You need to be doing your calls in the spring. But the calls that you do in the spring are going to be geared to a little later on in the year. One thing I always mentioned about sales calls in the spring is, spring is the time when you start to see some problems with machines. Particularly the refrigeration side of the business because as the machines are coming out of winter, the machines aren’t cycling on and off a lot.

And so what happens is when the weather starts to warm up a little bit, the refrigeration units begin to kick on and off, and that’s usually the time that you’ll start seeing some problems. Refrigeration equipment, mainly drink machines start to have failures in the springtime particularly as there are significant changes in humidity.  That allows you to go in and sell from an account standpoint because the existing vendor isn’t out there making his service calls and isn’t aware that the springtime is going to create service problems.

He’s going to have a bunch of service calls saying the drinks are hot, this and that.  Anytime you have service calls it’s an excellent time to go off selling accounts.

Summertime. We’ll go into summertime, retail sales in the summertime. Your whole product line shifts from snacks over to drinks because it’s 80 to 100 degrees out. People aren’t really hungry.  They want cold drinks, and you’d even be surprised. They’re going to drink more and more as is the temperature increases. They’ll drink more of the non-carbonated kind of drinks. They’re going to drink sports drinks, water, things like that — non-carbonated stuff. Nobody wants a lot of sugar when it’s really hot.

There are always exceptions to these rules. But as a general rule, this is what you’re going to see from a practical standpoint.

Summertime accounts sales are really tough, and this goes for the retail side too. People take a lot of vacations in the summertime so what you see is your workforce gets deluded a little bit. If you’re in a traditional vending account or you’re based within somebody’s business, a lot of people are on vacation means your numbers are down, so your sales fall a little bit.

Getting to account managers in the summertime is difficult. They’re on vacation.  Their mind isn’t really on vending per se, it’s more on production and get their business up and running than it is on changing out the vending company. Again, if they have service calls, it’s a perfect time to sell.  If they have any issues or have recurring, in particular, it’s an excellent time to go sell.  So you’ve got to make your calls, but your chances of success are less so than they are at other times of the year.

10. The Vending Business Cycle – Part 2

We’ve been discussing vending business cycles, and in part one, we covered spring and summer.  So, what’s next.

Well, you know what comes after summertime, fall time right. We’re going to continue this conversation with the fall time on the vending business cycles and here’s one thing about fall time. I’m specifically talking about after Labor Day or more or less in September. It’s essentially full time encompasses after Labor Day until about Thanksgiving. Also, we’re talking about two different things. We’re talking about retail selling, and we’re talking about account selling which is two kinds of different sales aspects of the vending business. If you’re into account generation, there are different concerns than there are on the retail side. So we’ve been discussing the retail side first.  Fall time is a very very strong time like the spring to sell product.

You get a significant shift in weather. What you have are cold mornings and warm afternoons, and that lends to retail sales very strongly. Why? Because you can sell candy and food in the morning and you sell drinks in the afternoon.  So, fall is the time of the year in our experience where a vendor can see the most significant sales volume come in during the fall although spring, summer, and fall are pretty level all the way across. In the spring and fall, you had a perfect mix of products. Summertime is largely drinks. And then in the spring and fall time, it’s back to snacks and soda.

One crucial tip to keep in mind is the changing weather.  You have to change your product mix when it goes from cold weather to warm weather. Make the move into non-chocolate items that don’t mold quite as much and don’t melt. You also need to be asking your accounts do they turn the air conditioning off during the nighttime or over the weekends because a couple of days in a hot room can ruin the inventory in your machines or make them unsaleable. Chocolate has a bad habit of turning white. It gets crumbly and white, and it’s unsaleable at that point. This can easily turn to service calls or service complaints. This can also open the door for other vendors to come in and make sales calls because all of your stuff in your machine is old and out of date.

When Is the Best Time to Begin Account Generation?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s one item or all of them, they’re going to say it’s all of it in most cases. With that said, in the fall time, it’s a better time to sell than it is in the spring and the summer.  As you may know, managers and people that are decision-makers are in these accounts. They are out of their heavy production season. They’ve got everything’s running smoothly; at least they hope anyway. Everything’s kind of smoothed out.

So it’s now an excellent time to start making your sales calls if you’re ready for account generation. That’s the best time because in the wintertime is when the decisions are actually made. The best time to go selling in the vending account business is right before New Year’s because New Year’s is a natural point of delineation, a guy’s got to do.

And when you show up, or you’ve been there a couple of times over the year, and he’s looking at his “To Do” list, he’s got you saying “Hey! I need to call x y z.” They’ve been calling on me for a couple of months, and I want to see what they have to offer.

So December, in particular, is a strong time to be selling accounts as New Year’s is a demarcation point. Even into January and as late as January 30 is a great time because it’s that new year’s resolution time. They want a new vending company.  Retail sales on the other hand, generally after Thanksgiving, falls off to about half of what you’ll do the rest of the year mainly because there’s a tremendous amount of outside competition that comes in. You’re looking at snacks, sodas, punches, cakes, cookies, and turkeys on many tables in the break rooms. There’s all this outside food that’s coming in.

Along with that, money starts to get tight for most of our consumers. Consumers are looking at Christmas. They have huge amounts of money that they’re going to spend on Christmas and throughout the holidays. More so, they know what’s coming up. And conversely, with that come January.  They start getting their credit card, and those sales fall off. Often times people remain sluggish through January and begin to come back in February. “February ugly” as we like to call it. But during this whole time, weather can play an issue too because if people get taken out on a weather day, they’re not at their place of business to purchase from your vending machines, so sales tend to be a little sluggish on the retail side in this time frame. So you’re not quite so busy doing your route.  Go and make some sales calls.

This pretty much wraps up the business cycle, and the Getting Started in the Vending Business ebook.  We hope you enjoyed it and found the information informative enough to consider taking the next step and getting started in the vending business.

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The Ultimate Guide To The Vending Machine Business


Used Vending Machines - Customer Service

When looking to buy quality used vending machines, buyer beware. First, you never purchase machines off Craigslist unless you know what you are doing. There are roving bands of thieves that steal these units, empty them, and then sell them to an unsuspecting person.

There are also people that sell machines that are left in a vacant building. These machines have owners. Watch out! Coke and Pepsi have a hard time picking up their units. Even though they haven’t picked them up, they are still their machines. 

I would not buy a Coke or Pepsi machine that is located east of the Mississippi. There is a good chance; the vending machine will be stolen. Most Coke identified machines have custom parts in them, such as proprietary boards and vend mechanisms. A private party can not purchase these parts. So, when these units need a part, you are screwed.

When looking to make a purchase, always buy American. You want to watch out and not buy a machine that is too old to where the parts are not available. Of course, if you saw the article on new vending machines, never buy biz op machines, and make sure all parts are readily available.  

Here is a shortlist of great used vending machine options for your vending machine business:

Buy the Right Size Used Vending Machine

Purchase a used unit from a vending machine sales company that knows what they are doing. You need years of experience to be able to remanufacture these units. 

You must have a vast supply of parts and you must know what parts to replace and go over, so they work like new. Additionally, must have a paint booth so that it is painted to look new. Most companies on the web have none of this, just a pretty website. 

Make sure the company has done contract refurbishing for companies like Pepsi, Gatorade, Nestle, Dr. Pepper, etc. These companies know what they are doing. They do this for a living day in and day out. 

Choose a company that has parts for your machine and can ship out that day. You want to be able to call the company and not get a recording. Mainly you want to be able to talk to a real person in tech support. You need to be able to go to their website after hours and go to a self-help video or manual. 

In Closing

Remember, used machines might be a lot more money coming from a vending remanufacturer, but you get service after the sale, and you have purchased a quality machine. 

To check out what we do to remanufacture a vending machine, check out our refurbishing vending machine video. If you are interested in purchasing quality used vending machines, please call us at 1-800-713-6217 for fast and friendly service, as well as superior technical support. There is never any pressure to buy.