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The Complete Vending Machine Repair Guide

by | May 15, 2020 | Maintenance, Start A Vending Machine Business, Vending Tips

Do You Need Vending Machine Repair?

Are your vending machines damaged, tired, ready to quit, or dated? Instead of going into debt purchasing a new vending machine, you can have them refurbished and repaired professionally. A comprehensive vending machine repair and refurbishing process guarantees that you get trouble-free services affordably.


A company with a dedicated team of experienced vending machine repair and refurbishing technicians will transform your machine from “as is” status to “like brand new.” In this guide, you’ll learn about repairing and refurbishing a machine. Bringing the machine to its mint condition.


Transforming Your Vending Machine To A Brand New Look

A modern-day design of a vending machine should be fancy and sleek. A complete vending machine repair and refurbishing process will change the outward appearance of your machine immaculately. The process involves pulling out all the parts of the machine. To then replace the damaged ones, painting everything anew, and adding new finishes to all the sides.


What Can Go Wrong With a Vending Machine? 

Many vending machine owners, especially those located in high foot traffic areas, experience coin or dollar bill mechanism issues. At some point, the mechanisms simply stop accepting money. While you can prevent these problems from regularly occurring by cleaning the dollar path and the coin path, you should consider a comprehensive machine refurbishment.


In 2020, it’s more cost-effective to have your machine’s changer and validator remanufactured to the highest OEM standards. This will help avoid technical problems that may lead to unnecessary downtimes. An established vending machine repair and refurbishing servicer provider will give you a warranty. This will act as a sign of backing their mechanisms remanufacturing process.


Your machine will be fully updated to the newest MDB standards. This means upgrading the changer and validator to MDB standards.


The process also involves putting guaranteed delivery on the machine, which is a force field that tells the vending machine that a customer has received his/her product in the delivery bin. Meaning, if the product fails to drop through the guaranteed delivery field, the machine will prompt the customer to make another request.


This allows the customer to know whether he/she prompted an empty selection or select to get his/her money back. This is a surefire way of ensuring all your customers are satisfied when using the vending machine on your premises.


Enhanced Product Display

Displaying the products in your vending machine in the most appealing way is super important in the vending machine business. A vending machine refurbishing process will typically involve pulling out your old fluorescent bulb. Next, you will look to replace it with a new LED strip.


The LED lighting will give your products a more 3D look by giving off a different color light. The new lighting will entice potential buyers more and increase sales dramatically. Additionally, this is a more cost-effective upgrade because the LED lighting can last up to 10 years.


Increase Energy Efficiency 

The LED lighting upgrade is more energy-efficient than the dated fluorescent bulbs found in old vending machines. The vending machine refurbishing technicians will also install a Vendmiser, which is a motion detector, at the back of your machine.


The motion detector minimizes the amount of energy your machine consumes by cutting your machine off for up to 45 minutes when it detects that nobody has been to the break room for a long period.


When Should you Repair Your Vending Machine?

While professional vending machine repair services may seem expensive, it’s advisable to seek professional help to avoid extensive damages and costly repairs down the road.

We, at A&M Equipment Sales, offer steadfast shipping protection, which includes sturdy corner boards, 2×4 pallets’, shrink wraps, double metal bands, and leg runners to ensure your machine arrives at your location undamaged.

Our partnership with reputable carriers ensures that you get the most negotiated shipping rates on the market regardless of your location across the globe.

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