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How to Start a Snack Machine Business

A reliable machine can provide a reliable source of income!
Not all snack machines are the same, be sure your machine is reliable!

More than Just Snack Machines

If you are new to or thinking about getting in the snack machine business, we should first let you know that the vending machine business covers much more than simply snacks! With drinks, combo drink-snack machines, and school supplies, there isn’t anything that can’t be sold in a vending machine! With the knowledge that there are now endless possibilities available to you, here are some questions to consider:

Are you ready to be your own boss?

Many of us dream of being our own boss. Picking your own hours, choosing who you work with, and the length of your commute is all liberating. The advantages also come with plenty of responsibilities, so be sure you are ready to shoulder the work that comes with being the boss.

Are you motivated?

Starting your own vending machine business means no more 9-5 schedule. You must be willing to stay until the work gets done! Some days will require the entirety of your day, while other days pass in the blink of an eye. One of the best parts of working with vending machines is that many times they can conform to your schedule. Depending on the location, vending machines generate sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and could be serviced at any point in the day!

If you have the motivation and desire the freedom that comes with being your own boss; we recommend contacting NAMA (the National Automatic Merchandising Association.) They have collected a series of invaluable resources that will provide you with the information needed to make sure your company hits the ground running! Call (312) 346-0370 to contact NAMA or visit their website:

Food For Thought:

Pick the Right Brand of Vending Machine

Not all vending machines are the same. Steady income of your business is dependent upon minimizing the downtown and maximizing the sales for your individual machines, and a lesser machine is simply going to make your life harder. Because the type and quality of vending machines vary so greatly, we recommend taking a look at NAMA-certified vending machines or calling a local vending company (click here for a list of vendors by state)

Watch Out for “Biz-Op” Scammers

Some companies will sell a route with inferior machines claiming a stake in a franchise that exists only in name. After you have committed your time and money, the company will have stolen your money and ran!

If you find a passion for owning and operating your own vending machines, you can stay in the business for life! Set your schedule every week and above all take pride in being your own boss!

Visit our website: to see the machines we have available or email for more information!


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School Vending Machines Have A Healthy Option

school vending machines - Healthy eating

Schools are cracking down on unhealthy snacks, but that doesn’t mean school vending machines are out of the picture.

As of July 1st, 2014, schools that participate in the National School Lunch Program are required to adhere to the USDA standard called “Smart Snacks In School (SSIS)”.

The SSIS program aims to improve the health of school children across the nation. Founded on evidence-based research and practicality, it encourages schools to sell healthy foods. More so, foods that are aligned with the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans. These guidelines suggest the consumption of more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy options. These will also help limit calories, fat, sugar, and sodium.

In short, healthier foods are in, junk food is out.

43 Percent of elementary schools, 74 percent of middle schools, and 98 percent of high schools offer vending machines to their students.

In the past, most school vending machines have been loaded up with sugary candy, salty snacks, and beverages. These completely lack any nutritional value. They add fuel to the fire of the obesity epidemic that affects children (and adults) across the country. As a result of this, and the new legislation, many schools have decided to completely ban junk food everywhere. Others have decided to focus their attention on the contents of their vending machines.

Thanks to these regulations the vending machine industry has become more creative with their offerings. More healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, smart snacks, and healthy beverage options are offered.

Instead of stocking school with apple pies, cheese crackers, and nacho chips, options like sunflower seeds, baked chips, and low-fat popcorn are now seen as far better ways to fulfill those midday munchies. Soda is also a big no-no in schools. The sugar and calories are seen as prime targets in anti-obesity efforts. Smarter beverage options can include bottled water, seltzer, and flavored water. Additionally, 100% fruit or vegetable juice, fat-free milk, or other low-calorie drinks.

Healthy snacking options are now available from almost every distributor and allow your vending machines to be a source of nutritious snack and beverage options, instead of an endless stream of empty calories. If you’re looking to change your vending machine business over from junk food to smart snacking there are tons of options out there; just take a look! And if you’re looking to start your own vending machine business give A&M Equipment Sales a call, we’re here to help!


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Reasons To Have A Coffee Vending Machine In Your Office

 Reasons to Have a Coffee Machine in Your Workplace

Girl enjoying Coffee Vending Machine coffee

Coffee is one of the most valuable traded commodities in the world, second only to oil. A nice cup of coffee, made from a Coffee Vending Machine,  is the perfect way to start in the morning or it can keep you company during the day. More importantly, coffee is a core part of the workday. But what is coffee without a good coffee machine in your office?

At work, the good old coffee pot is not enough to satisfy the different cravings of your employees and customers anymore. People want espresso, latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate and some even demand soup out of their office coffee machines.

Recent studies revealed that employees think that high-quality coffee offered by employers is a vital workplace perk, proving that the company cares about its workers. So it is time to deal with the fact that having a coffee machine in your workplace is a necessity, even more so than pens and paper nowadays.


Four Reasons Why You Need a Coffee Vending Machine in The Office

Investing in a quality coffee machine for your business does not only have benefits for employees, but it can improve the whole work environment and increase workers’ productivity. If you are still not sure why or whether you need a coffee vending machine in your office, here are four excellent reasons to have one.

1. Coffee Improves Productivity at Work

Caffeine is a strong stimulant that helps employee fight off sluggishness and keeps mental alertness, energy, and endurance at work. Throughout the workday, most people undergo a decline in mental abilities. Because of the normal human biorhythm, many people feel mental acuity to flag at around 10 AM and 2 PM. This is connected to the production of a chemical responsible for sleepiness, adenosine, which links to receptors that slow down brain activity. The more adenosine, the more you feel tired. Caffeine has a similar structure to adenosine, binding to the same receptors but as it is not adenosine, the sleepiness effect is not felt.

*Check Out this Video By TED-ED if you would like to know more.

2. Coffee in The Office Helps Networking

Coffee Vending Machine- Coffee in a meeting

Taking a coffee break with colleagues during the workday is nowadays a widespread and ingrained habit in office culture. Meeting or inviting co-workers to take a coffee is a perfect occasion to foster relationships, network and talk things over in a more relaxed way. The Swedes even have a word for it, ‘Fika,’ and they believe that it’s during the coffee break that most work gets done.

A study at MIT proved that coffee breaks have a positive effect of increasing the strength of groups in the workplace and they also increase productivity. Having a cup of coffee in the office with your colleagues may also create a space where new ideas are born. People tend to exchange opinions by merely chatting over a cup of something hot.

3. Coffee Makes Workers Happy

“Depresso,” the feeling you get when you have run out of your coffee can be a real productivity killer. In a Harvard study, women who drank 4 or more cups of coffee per day had a 20% lower risk of becoming depressed. Caffeine affects the level of dopamine and serotonin in the brain, preventing their re-absorption, which makes you feel happy. Obviously, the happiness of employees is proportionate to the number of coffee varieties they can choose, so having a proper office coffee machine is fundamental to keep workers happy and foster a positive work environment.

4. Coffee Keeps People Honest at Work

Fortune reports that “People who get too little sleep are prone to go along with unethical practices at work unless they up their caffeine intake”. Sleep-deprived people are more susceptible to undertake unethical behaviors but caffeine can help strengthen will-power and self-control. Employers should always make sure they don’t overwork their employees, but sometimes it’s not up to them to decide how much rest they get. What is up to them, though, is how much coffee they offer in the workplace. To ensure that employees are on their best ethical behavior, plenty of coffee should be available at all times.

Coffee Vending Machine- Person holding coffee

Even More, Reasons to Get a Coffee Vending Machine for Your Business

These are only four of the many good reasons why having a coffee machine at work is important. Overall, being able to take a break from work and enjoy a good cup of coffee makes people happier and better at their jobs. Of course, coffee is not the only thing you need for a healthy and productive work environment, but it is a way for an employer to show his or her employees that they care about them.

Employees will typically take breaks and socialize during working hours, whether they have a coffee machine or not. Employers can encourage this behavior to show that they respect their workers’ needs. In turn, employees who feel like their needs are taken into consideration, will work better and avoid sneaking behind the boss’ back. A simple gesture like getting a coffee machine for your workplace can go a long way to make everybody happier and more productive.


Sources :
video -

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How To Choose A Refurbished Vending Machine


If you are interested in finding the best refurbished vending machine, you’ll want to ask yourself these questions; watch the video. Let’s assume you want a reliable machine that’s easy to maintain with little trouble and customers will be happy with it.

Does the refurbished vending machine look brand new?

  • How was the machine painted?
  • Was it sanded and smoothed down before the paint was applied?
  • What do the trim strips look like?
  • Is the glass scratch free and clean?
  • Do the lights work? Are they LED or regular lights?
  • What do the spirals and trays look like?

Does the refurbished vending machine work perfectly?

  • Has the machine been taken apart and inspected?
  • Has the machine been tested with money?
  • Has the pricing been setup?
  • Has the pricing been checked for proper operation?
  • Can the machine be customized with specific visual fronts and graphics?
  • Can a cashless payment system be included?

What kind of recourse do you have if there’s a problem with the machine when you receive it?

  • Are you dealing with someone who has been in business for a long time?
  • Is the company solution oriented with additional upgrades?
  • Does the company you are buying from have a good reputation?

Here’s a look at A&M Equipment Sales refurbishment process from receiving the worn machine to the completely refurbished vending machine with all the steps in between. See A&M Equipment Sales current refurbished vending machines.

Car Wash Vending

Car Wash Vending  The biggest advantage to vending in a car wash business is to capture more profits.

Car Wash Vending  For the full service car wash facility, traditional vending works by providing a snack and soda machine in the waiting area. You can also stock the machine with car wash products and accessories.

For the self-service car wash, the vending machines will likely sit outside. The AMS Outsider is the best fit for outdoor vending due to the environment (cooling and/or heating) and safety (difficult to break in). It is an all purpose vending machine.

Episode Transcript:


Car Wash Vending  Tom Shivers: Hi, I’m Tom Shivers with the Vending Business Show here again with Larry Towner, a vending business consultant. So thanks for being here, Larry.

Larry Towner: Thanks Tom.

Tom Shivers: Tell us a little about your background in vending.

Larry Towner: I have been in vending since 1986, and I just recently sold my business in 2010 and completed the sale as of 2012. It took a while to get rid of it, to get rid of all of it, I sold a piecemeal. But then got into the consulting business. I help people place vending machines, run their vending operations more efficiently, and basically do general business consulting.

Tom Shivers: Now when you think about car washes, what kind of opportunity is there for vending?

Larry Towner: If you’re a car wash operator, probably the biggest advantage to vending is it allows you to capture other sales which equates to other dollars and other profits from one of two, well, a couple of ways. But one way is, is that if you run a a full service car wash, you know the difference between full service and self service Tom? I’m sure you do.

Tom Shivers: I think so. But-

Larry Towner: So if you’re running a full service car wash … Go ahead.

Tom Shivers: I meant to say, go ahead, tell me.

Larry Towner: Oh, tell you what the difference is? Well, a full service car wash is one where the people actually run their car through the tunnel as it were, and in a self service car wash it’s the wand type car washes, where you pull your car into a bay and you spray down your car and do those kinds of things.

Larry Towner: So in this full service facilities, generally because you’re going to get out of your car, you go into a waiting area and they run your car through them, then they do the full service on your car, those are the opportunities where you actually do what we would call traditional vending. You might have a snack machine and a soda machine in the facility inside. That’s a great way to take space that would otherwise be used not as efficiently, to have a magazine rack. Instead of a magazine Rack, put in a snack and a soda machine and, capture some sales from the refreshments because in the meantime, while they’re sitting there waiting for their car, if they’re looking at a pair of machines, it’s very attractive. It might spur some of those add on sales.

Larry Towner: You also can take that snack machine and you can convert it into sales of things like car fresheners or drying towels or any kind of knick knack that you might sell in your facility anyway. But you can have it sell via a vending means instead of having to actually have somebody in that facility.

Larry Towner: In the outside or the self service car wash, one of the big concerns there is going to be the fact that the machines are generally going to sit outside. And one of the big concerns when you place a vending machine outside, and it doesn’t matter what kind of outside vending you’re doing, one of the biggest issues is security. Will the machine get broken into and will they rob you blind? That’s something that actually is … has a specific, we have a specific machine for that. It’s called the AMS Outsider. This machine was designed with a couple of things in mind. One of the other concerns when you’re outside has to do with the environment. Obviously if you’re … We’re here in the south, but if you’re in the south of the north you have heating and cooling issues. If it’s 100 degrees out, the snacks and candy and things that you put in the machine are going to turn into goo. If it’s 20 out, they’re going to freeze. And so the machines, when you do an outside vending, they need to be insulated. They need to have a cooling unit and/or heating unit in the machines. And fortunately the AMS Outsider has that. It has a cooling deck in it. Cooling by, just like in a heat pump into your house, you can heat with it as well, so it can keep the temperature up when it’s cold and it keeps the temperature down when it’s hot.

Larry Towner: So that’s one thing. And the people at AMS also designed this machine specifically for outside vending. They’re very, very aware of the needs of outside vendors. They have case hardened hasps on these, the T-handles are all case hardened. These are things that you’re not going to put a drill into and drill through them. You can, but you’re going to spend 40 drill bits trying to get into them, trust me, I know. Yeah, right?

Larry Towner: And so these are the things that they’ve specifically designed this machine for this kind of vending. Again, with that outside vending location. The beauty of this AMS Outsider is it’s a cooled machine, so you can actually run drinks in it. Our people at A&M Equipment have special spirals and things that allow you to run drinks in that machine. So you can sell drinks, you can sell snacks, you can sell all kinds of car wash accessories, the towels, the car fresheners, all the accessory items that you would want to sell. All can be changed. This machine can be customized to your particular needs and that’s what makes it so special. It becomes an all-purpose vendor instead of just a specific, it’s not item specific, it becomes all-purpose. So that’s why we’re really excited about it.

Tom Shivers: Yeah, it sounds like a good one. Well, thanks for sharing, Larry. Tell us more about what you do.

Larry Towner: Well, we do consulting mostly for the vending and coin-op business. We help people either start new businesses the right way and/or make their current running businesses more profitable. We’re available at, now spell it out, at

Tom Shivers: And you’ve been watching Car Wash Vending at  the Vending Business Show, a publication of A&M Equipment Sales.  More Blogs on the Vending Business Show   Hotel Vending

AMS Vending Machines Durable and Dependable

AMS Vending Machines Durable and Dependable  An interview with John Whitwell of Buffalo Rock

John has been buying AMS equipment for 8+ years and comments on the quality, customer appreciation from the factory and factory reps and the versatility of their machines.

“The reason I use them is they are really dependable. We use very few parts on them over the past 10 years.”

“The brand new machine that’s coming out this year; we just got a few in. The appearance of the machine is just unbelievable compared to what it used to be. The numbers are lit up, everything looks great, compared to what it used to look like.”

AMS Vending Machines Durable and Dependable  “Again, I couldn’t praise more about the durability and dependability of these machines compared to what we used to deal with… good product.”

“One other plus about the AMS refrigerated machines, the 35 and 39 inch machines, is they use the same parts. Besides the shelf being wider, I don’t have to carry duel parts.”






AMS Vending Machines Durable and Dependable  Tom: This is Tom Shivers with the Vending Business Show, and I’m here with John Whitwell, who is the market equipment manager for Buffalo Rock. Today we’re going to talk about AMS equipment. So thanks for being here, John.

John: Thank you.

Tom: Now with buying AMS equipment, what do you think about the quality, the warranty, and customer appreciation from the factory and factory reps of their five wide snack machines?

John: I really enjoy using the AMS. I think we started back about eight or nine years ago, and I pretty much exclusively use AMS. I toured their facility. I’ve watched from the metal coming in to the end product. I’ve met Roy Steeley, the owner of that company, all the people that work there.

John: But the biggest factor, the reason I use them, is they’re really dependable. We use very few parts on ’em over all the last ten years. And then the sales rep that I have, Tim Paul, is really knowledgeable on the equipment, and if I need him here today, he’ll come today, if he’s in the country. There are times he’ll be in Puerto Rico.

John: But generally we have a great relationship, they do a great job, and that’s one thing that I never got out of some of the other manufacturers.

Tom: Now you buy both the snack machines and the refrigerated machines, is that right?

John: That’s right.

Tom: AMS is the only manufacturer that makes a 35″ four wide, refrigerated vendor. Do you use a lot of those?

John: Well when we first started purchasing them, we bought only the refrigerated, and that’s because the refrigeration unit was, actually, the expense was only a few hundred dollars more, and we lease them back to ourselves, so that’s a big savings. And they also make a food … I don’t know if you knew that, but they make a food machine, a 35 and a 39, and that’s all I use on food as well. I use their AMS 39 and 35s.

Tom: What types of food do you dispense from the refrigerated food machines?

John: We do everything from the big sandwiches, to some of the platters, like wing platters. You can just about configure it any way you want. And, of course, that’s pretty much set through our corporate office, how they want the machines set. But we can pretty much sell anything through ’em. And we sell a lot of different things.

Tom: AMS is the only company that makes an ETL approved, high security, outdoor vendor. Do you use a lot of those?

John: We use them in the schools.

Tom: Okay. What configuration of snack machine do you buy from AMS? Single helix or dual helix? Regular fluorescent light or LED light? Gum-

John: Well, everything that’s coming to us now is the dual helix, and LED, and, of course, they’re all ADA approved. Actually the brand new machine that’s coming out this year, we just got a few in, and the appearance of the machine is just unbelievable compared to what it used to be. The numbers are lit up, everything looks great compared to what it used to look like.

John: To me, again, I couldn’t praise more about the durability and the dependability of these machines compared to what we used to deal with. Just a good product.

Tom: What do you think about the new epoch look on the machines now?

John: That’s what I was saying, the new look, to me, is just unbeliev … you know where it extrudes out and it just looks way better than the other ones. It’s a little bit more. Again, to me, as long as they work, that’s bet … you can have the best looking machine out there with all the bells and whistles, but if it doesn’t work, it’s not dependable and you’re going back to it, and you’re putting money in it as far as parts trying to make it work, then it’s no good unless it’s dependable. I think these things work great.

Tom: Do you use any of the healthy vend machines?

John: I don’t think we’ve gotten into that, I think there might be a few selections in there that they’ll code healthy vend, as far as whether it be a … I ain’t gonna say a chip because I can’t, I don’t think they are, but I know that the full line vending team does recognize, they’ll put something on there, I’ve seen it before, it says, “Healthy vend,” or something that’s on there. Is that what you’re talking about?

Tom: Yeah. Overall, which company, in your viewpoint, makes the best refrigerated vendor?

John: Again, to me, because I use AMS and I wouldn’t have stayed with them if I didn’t like it, but it’s not hard to change out the refrigeration unit if it’s bad. After a couple times, if you ever had to do it, pretty simple. So we stay with them, we really enjoy that machine. My guys’ll like it. Simple to use, that’s the biggest thing. Simple to work on.

John: One other plus about this machine, and again, I hadn’t … I’m not in touch with what the other ones do because I hadn’t given over the last ten years probably haven’t given them a whole lot of opportunity to come in here, because I get such good service out of the people from AMS, but the parts I use in an AMS 35 are the same parts that go in a AMS 39. Besides that shelf being wider, everything else is the same, so I don’t have to carry dual parts, and that’s a plus in itself.

Tom: That’s great. Now is there anything you’d like to tell us about Buffalo Rock?

John: We’ve been in business for a pretty good while, over a hundred years. I don’t know what, it was a hundred years a few years ago so I don’t know the dead on number. But I think it’s a great place to work for. I think we all is … because we have divisions all over Alabama and Georgia, and Mike Bunt is the CME, corporate marketing equipment, guy in Birmingham. We all work well together. And if we need things from each other, it’s just a phone call or an email away. We meet quarterly, and just a great place to work.

Tom: Alright, well, you’ve been listening toAMS Vending Machines Durable and Dependable  at the Vending Business Show, a publication of A&M Equipment Sales.  More Vending Business Blogs  USA TECHNOLOGIES ePORT G9

Youth Market and Vending Machines

Youth Market and Vending Machines Food and Drink Digital interviewed Michael L. Kasavana, Ph.D., who is a NAMA-endowed professor at Michigan State University’s School of Hospitality Business on the topic of the youth market.

Youth Market and Vending Machines Kasavana says a major trend is enhancement of the consumer interface and for vending machines that means a more interactive transaction – one that youth who shop and play games online are used to including payment options available online. “Why can’t you do that at a vending machine?”

Another trend is the products being sold are no longer traditional, but moving toward non-traditional items like energy drinks, trail mixes, things perceived to be more healthy.

Youth Market and Vending Machines  Also product information like nutritional content. The younger generation is watching what they eat. Vending machine manufacturers will soon be required to project the food manufacturer’s nutrition label like you see on most packages.  USA Technologies already has a screen that will retrofit on the vending machine that shows nutritional content.  It is also a credit card reader.  For more information on Usa Technologies  USA TECHNOLOGIES ePORT G9  You are watching the Vending Business show at A&M Vending Machine Sales.  For more videos you can go to and go to vending business blogs.  Over one hundred vending blogs available.

Read more: Capturing the Youth Market with Vending Machines  

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Role of Vending Machines May Be Changing

Role of Vending Machines May Be Changing  Ever seen a gumball machine that takes Foursquare checkins as payment?

“This gumball machine allows people to tell their friends they are at your location. That will appear on Facebook and Foursquare. They purchase a gumball to check in, or announce they are at a location through Foursquare,” explained DeAngelo. “There’s less than a second delay. You are purchasing it through social media currency. The value comes from the impression you can garner from someone checking in.”

This gumball machine allows people to tell their friends they are at your location. That will appear on Facebook and Foursquare. They purchase a gumball to check in, or announce they are at a location through Foursquare,” explained DeAngelo. “There’s less than a second delay. You are purchasing it through social media currency. The value comes from the impression you can garner from someone checking in.”    Role of Vending Machines May Be Changing  According to DeAngelo, this is no small thing. With the average Facebook user boasting 300 or more friends, a dozen check-ins announce the location to some 3,000 people for a minimal cost of ball gum.

DeAngelo admits he knows virtually nothing about the vending industry. What attracted him to bulk vending machines was their ubiquitous, familiar and instantly understandable nature. Everybody knows what a gumball machine is. The exchange is immediate — check in and get a gumball.

“You’re building ‘top of mind’ awareness,” he said. “You can either pay money for a piece of candy or have the potential to build a brand. It’s a slightly different way of thinking of the role of a vending machine.”

The same concept can be applied to nearly any machine with a coin mechanism or bill acceptor — think pool tables, dartboards, videogames and jukeboxes, among other coin-op staples in bars and taverns. Very similar technology can be applied to offer a free game or version of free play with a simple check-in.

Whether this merger of coin-op and social media will take off remains to be seen. However, DeAngelo’s selection of a bulk vender as his proof of concept speaks volumes about the ubiquity and familiarity of these classic little machines and the potential of their unlikely pairing with social media.  You are watching The Role of Vending Machines May Be Changing at the Vending Business Show.  For more blogs New To The Vending Business?

Vending industry professionals interested in learning more about Check ‘N Chew can enter their email addresses at

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Smart Vending Machines

Smart Vending Machines  The potential for smart phones to interact with signage of all sorts is phenomenal and has lead Vendors Exchange International to make smart vending machines with touchscreen displays.

Smart vending Machines  Here are some of the things these tech guys are working on:

  • cashless payments via phone
  • phone triggered games on vending machines – win and get an instant discount
  • facial detection technology to determine age and gender to adjust on screen content accordingly

Smart Vending Machines  Mobile interactivity with other larger screens almost certainly will not be confined to the familiar living room “second screen” scenarios. The potential for using phones to link with, activate, or play off of out-of-home signage of all sorts is phenomenal.

QR codes at bus and train stops are the most rudimentary form. A number of companies going way back have played with various Bluetooth models that activated movie posters and such. But one of the most promising screen-to-screen connections may be the simple vending machine.

We have all heard the stories of people m-paying for their Cokes at vending machines with a shortcode. In the scenario woven by Vendors Exchange International, makers of “smart vending machines” with touchscreen faces, the next step is turning the machine into an interactive touchscreen that can scan a code off of your phone and trigger a game. Win a game and get an instant discount — or even a free drink.

You are looking at the Vending Business Show a subsidiary of A&M Equipment Sales   For more informative videos  New To The Vending Business?

Imbera Glass Door Coolers

Imbera Glass Door Coolers  An interview with John Brock

John has served as a manufacturer’s representative in the vending and soft drink industries for more than 20 years and today represents MEI payment systems, Changer Services, and Imbera USA.

Listen to the podcast as John answers questions about Imbera Glass Door Coolers

  • Who is Imbera USA?
  • What type of equipment does Imbera offer?
  • Who are some of Imbera’s current customers?
  • Where is your equipment manufactured?
  • What are some of the features of your equipment?
  • What sizes does Imbera offer?


Imbera Glass Door Coolers  Tom Shivers: I’m Tom Shivers with the Vending Business Show here with John Brock. He lives here in Atlanta and has served as a manufacturer’s representative in the vending and soft drink industries for more than 20 years. Today John represents a handful of companies including NEI Payment Systems, Changer Services which is NEI’s authorized repair center, and Imbera USA. So thanks for being here John.

John Brock: Hi, Tom. Thank you so much for having me.

Tom Shivers: Who is Imbera USA?  What are Imbera Glass Door Coolers?

John Brock: Well Tom, Imbera USA is part of a big company call FEMSA or “femsa”. FEMSA is an organization with business activities in the soft drink industry, breweries, and convenience stores. Imbera USA manufactures equipment to support customers throughout the United States and Central and South America.

Tom Shivers: What type of equipment does Imbera offer?

John Brock: Imbera  Glass Door Coolers are some of the finest  cold drink merchandisers in the industry. Our coolers are designed to deliver the coldest products, the best performance, the lowest cost of ownership, and superior energy efficiency. As you know, energy efficiency is a key topic in conversations today and Imbera does all this in beautifully designed, well thought out cabinets.

Tom Shivers: Who are some of Imbera’s current customers?

John Brock: Of course we have customers throughout the United States, Central and South America. Our primary customer is Coca-Cola. Imbera is a primary supplier to Coca-Cola in the United States. We literally have thousands of coolers on location throughout the country. In fact, Imbera serves as the largest supplier of coolers to the global Coca-Cola system. So we have a lot of equipment out there.

Tom Shivers: Where is your equipment manufactured?

John Brock: Imbera manufactures their equipment in a state of the art facility in San Juan, Mexico. We have multiple production lines and we manufacture coolers of all shapes and sizes. We offer both custom and standards graphics packages. We offer a level of design flexibility that really other manufacturers just can’t match. From the exterior cabinet to the glass doors to the refrigeration system, at Imbera we manufacture and assemble every component that goes into our equipment. Also, every Imbera cooler is quality tested for construction, for lighting, for refrigeration, and it’s completely tested before it’s placed in our inventory, which our inventory is at our warehouse in Laredo, Texas.

Tom Shivers: What are some of the features in your equipment?

John Brock: We have a lot of great standard features in the Imbera equipment in all of our models. First we offer electronic thermostats or electronic temperature controls on all of our equipment. The idea behind an electronic thermostat is to efficiently maintain the interior temperature of the cooler based on the surrounding conditions. What that means is that depending on what happens in the surrounding area around the cooler, the thermostat will adjust the temperature on the inside of the cooler. So it’s a very efficient way of managing the interior temperature within the cooler. We also use electronic fan motors and electronic fan motors are very energy efficient. They perform really, really well at a fraction of the energy that’s required by a standard fan motor.

John Brock: Next, we also offer fin less condensers on all of our coolers. Fin less condensers reduce the dust build up. By reducing the dust build up that comes through the refrigeration system we allow the compressor to cool more effectively and we also extend the life of the compressor because the dust build up doesn’t get in the way of the airflow, so the compressor is going to work more efficiently and more effectively for years.

John Brock: We also have great glass doors. We use a double panel door and we fill that door with argon glass. What that does is it allows for a more energy efficient door. In fact, the Imbera cooler, on all of our coolers we have the most energy efficient doors in the industry.

John Brock: Also another key feature of the Imbera line of equipment is we use LED lighting in all of our coolers. Imbera actually assisted Coca-Cola in developing the LED lighting systems. So today every Imbera cooler comes with LED perimeter lighting. LED lighting really makes products stand out. It does a terrific job of lighting the interior cabinet at just really a much lower energy cost than what a fluorescent light would be. The LED lights last for about seven years so it has a much longer life cycle than a fluorescent light would have.

John Brock: All of our cabinet are made of heavy duty 24 gauge prepainted steel, so our cabinets are strong and they give years and years of durability. We offer the highest quality painted finish that’s available in the market today. So that’s a few of the standard features of the Imbera equipment.

Tom Shivers: Well what sizes does Imbera offer?

John Brock: Imbera has a full line of equipment and we offer everything from the smallest counter top cooler … We have little tiny counter tops. We have full size counter tops. Then we have a line of single doors from small single doors to large single doors. Then we have a couple of different double door models. And then we even offer a really large triple door cooler. In all the standard sizes we offer coolers that can meet just about anybody’s needs.

Tom Shivers: Any closing comments?

John Brock: Sure. At Imbera our mission is to offer the finest coolers with the most energy efficient designs using the most environmentally safe components all at the lowest possible total life cost. So it really is our mission and we strive every day to do everything possible to make environmentally safe equipment that is energy efficient and still looks great. And that’s what we do.

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