School Vending Machines

New AMS School Vending Machines

A&M Vending Machine Sales has the largest in-stock selection of  School Vending Machines by AMS. The AMS 35, 39, and Slim Gem Snack Vending machines are the perfect vending machines for any size school. Located in either a teacher’s lounge or a gymnasium. The AMS line of snack vending machines can handle the demands of hungry faculty and students alike. Each of the AMS Vending Machines is equipped with the AMS patented SENSIT guaranteed delivery system. ‘Your customer gets their product or they get their money back’. This reduces the need for unnecessary refunds. Every AMS snack vending machine is credit card reader capable. Opening the door for additional profit avenues.

A&M Vending Machine Sales is the largest factory distributor of the AMS line of new snack vending machines. Let our years of experience help you choose the perfect new AMS snack vending. If you are a vendor in need of snack vending equipment to place in a school. Or a public or private school and even an educational facility looking to operate its own vending machine for educational purposes or event funding. You will not find a more reliable and affordable vending machine than the AMS line of New Snack Vending Machines.

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