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Automatic Products Snack Machines

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AP 6600 Machine

AP 7600 Machine


Automatic Products Snack Machines Barry Wood:         Hello, my name is Barry Wood. I’m part of the sales force here at A & M Equipment. What I’m going to show you today Is Automatic Products Snack Machines   two different machines. They’re essentially the same machine, ones larger than the other. They come in two sizes, a 32 select, and a 40 select. This machine comes with 32 selections, including four inch selections of gum and mint. These machines are painted front and back. The facings of the machines are covered with a poly carbonate to eliminate scratching, smudging, and make the machine look and last a lot longer.
Barry Wood:    On the Automatic Products Snack Machines      We replaced the chrome, we painted on the inside, we want to make this machine look as new as possible. The joiners in it pull right out for easy loading and access, dropping down in position to locate your different products in your [helixes 00:00:57] themselves. Again, your control board is easily accessed, along with your coin mech and your bill validator. One button pricing right here on the inside. By using 11 and 12, you can go through the different pricing, pricing each and every item individually.
Barry Wood:         Your 40 selection machine is essentially the same machine, just a larger capacity. Again, it has 40 different selections on top, and four selections of gum and mint at the bottom. For easy programming, again, pull out your control shelf, one button pricing, by using 11 and 12 on the front, allows you to price all the items in the machine itself. These machines come available with LED lighting, which has a five year lifespan, illuminates your products, increasing your sales.  Thank you for tuning into Automatic Products Snack Machines at the Vending Business Show other videos you might want to watch  New To The Vending Business?

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