Human Vending Machine. This Kit kat Human Vending Machine was placed in a shopping mall to promote a new product

the HUMAN Vending Machine is a very comical video click below and view the Human Vending Machine. Can you imagine how the world would be if all machines where to be manned by a human? If you think this in interesting check out our Biggest Vending Machine blog.

Kit Kat has dropped a few Human Vending Machines into London’s Victoria Station as part of its new U.K. campaign. The isn’t new—the Japanese, always first in all things vending machine, have employed them. But this execution really fits nicely with Kit Kat’s “Working like a machine?” campaign. The TV spots, “Checkout” (posted below) and “Arrivals,” show people literally working like machines and then getting (you guessed it) a much-needed break. The effort is apparently part of Nestlé Confectionery’s biggest U.K. ad campaign ever, with a total spend of £21 million.


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