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Biggest Freakin’ Vending Machines In The World

by | Aug 27, 2013 | Offbeat, Vending News | 2 comments

Biggest Freakin’ Vending Machines check out these videos below and view the Biggest Freakin’ Vending Machines in the Word!

Vending machines have become commonplace in our lives, and where would we be without them? From candy vending machines to soda vending machines and everything in between we truly are spoiled for choice.

Taking a trip around the world, maybe even your own country will reveal a wide variety of machines of all shapes and colors. Anyway, enough introduction let’s get stuck in shall we?

The following are in no particular order and we apologize in advance for the apparent lunacy of some of them. We did enclose the adjective interesting in speech marks so consider that a caveat of sorts. The first entry certainly is, as for the others we’ll leave that “in the eye of the beholder”. A lot is included for the unique contents they dispense, you’ll see what we mean. Enjoy.

Biggest Freakin’ Vending Machines Omaha’s biggest vending machine
Biggest Freakin’ Vending Machines Coke’s biggest vending machine
Biggest Freakin’ Vending Machines A big vending machine in the world
Could this be the biggest vending machine in the world?
 World’s largest capsule vending machine (Guinness World Record)
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