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Vending Machine LED Lighting

by | Jul 5, 2011 | Maintenance | 1 comment

LED lighting just got better and brighter!

Episode Transcript:

Scott: My name is Scott Kliendshimt. And I’m here to show you about the Vending Machine  LED lighting that we offer at A&M Equipment. Vending Machine Led Lighting  is a triple row LED, to replace the fluorescent bulbs that exist in the machines now.  LED Lighting is much more energy efficient.  the Vending Machine LED lighting  don’t produce any heat. Vending Machine LED Lighting  is much brighter than the existing fluorescent bulbs. When you first get them, they’ll have a cap on either end to protect the prongs. Remove the caps and discard them. To remove the old bulb from the machine, along with the starter. You no longer need a starter. Line the arrow on the end of the probe to the zero position on both ends. This is just for insertion. Place the bulb in the machine, and rotate it into position. Once the bulb comes on, then it can be rotated downward so as to shine towards the bottom of the machine and the lower racks. LED Lighting  make the different items in your machine pop.  Led Lighting is a white light instead of a soft light making every item pop.  Only draw back is if you don’t keep the inside of your machine clean the customer can surely see it.  Led Lighting last five to ten yeartsso you will have to change the bulb less. LED Lighting  increases your sales, with a well lit machine.  Thank you for watching Vending Machine LED Lighting  at the Vending Business Show  For More Vending Blogs  Acquiring New Vending Accounts

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