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AMS Combo Food Machine

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AMS Food and Bottle Machines
AMS Combo Food Machines  TIm Paul: This is an AMS  Combo  Food Machine. The AMS Combo Food Machines vends a full variety of food products, perishable goods. Also, a couple of shelves for beverages. You can use milk, you can use any type of beverage because the AMS Combo Food Machine also has a health and safety timer. That way, if for some reason your temperature should rise above an acceptable range, it puts the machine out of service. Or if the door is left open where it rises above an acceptable level, the machine goes out of service.

TIm Paul: Most importantly with an AMS Combo  Food Machines, each shelf is fully adjustable for a large variety of products. Should you wish to vend a large double chili dog, for instance, it could be turned sideways like this. You could make this a three-wide here in a four-wide cabinet. You could make a two-wide, you could make a five-wide in this four-wide cabinet, depending on the product size of food you are using.

TIm Paul: This AMS Combo Food Machines  of course, is the 35-inch machine, which you would think of as a four-wide. It also comes in a 39-inch machine, which you would think of as a five-wide.

TIm Paul: The refrigeration system is fully enclosed, you have a screen to protect your compressor against dirt. Also, this machine’s bottle shelves holds six deep. They are six across in this particular model. They are eight across in a 39-inch machine.

TIm Paul: Like all AMS vendors, this machine also has our patented sense-it system, which enables a product to fall through the sensing system and register a vend. Should you be vending a large sandwich or something that for whatever reason that gets hung up, this machine will make a couple of jogs to dislodge this so that your customer always gets his product.

TIm Paul: The warranty on an AMS Combo  Food Machines is three years on refrigeration and electronics and one year general warranty. Give AMS a try.  Thank you for watching the AMS Combo Food Machines at the Vending Business Show for more blogs go to  Servicing New Vending Accounts Part Two

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