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Refurbished Coffee Machines

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Refurbished Coffee Machines

Barry Wood:       Refurbished Coffee Machines   Along with snack machines, we also have Refurbished Coffee Machines  . On the inside we pull the tank and brewere clean the inside of the machine and sometimes paint the inside.  We then disassemble the brewer and tank.  Delime the tank and then comes the installation process.  All new water valves gaskets and any part that is not acceptable.  We check the operation of the tank and brewer before it is installed back into the tank.
Barry Wood:         All brewers are rebuilt with new parts. Your 8 1/4 inch caps fit easily in your dispenser here in front.
Barry Wood:         This Refurbished Coffee Machine blends four different flavors of coffee: Regular coffee, decaf, hot chocolate and french vanilla.
Barry Wood:         Again, this Refurbished Coffee Machine is painted inside and out, and on the sides, and the back. polycarbonate panels are installed  to give you a long-lasting, good-looking machine.
Barry Wood:         New graphics, pricing and labeling of the flavors that are available.  The machine is put on line and checked for at least 3 days to make sure the total operation of the machine checks out.  The only way to buy refurbished coffee machines is to rebuild them all the way.  If not you will run into a multitude of problems.  We know what to do and how to do it.

A&M Refurb Process

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