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Vendo 721 Vending Machine

by | Nov 8, 2011 | Machines | 0 comments

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J Orville:          We want to talk to you about the Vendo 721 Vending Machine. The 721 Vending Machine comes in a 10 select. It comes in a full face curved front, it also comes in a full face flat front, and it’s also available in a live display. All of our equipment has a vandal proof popper guard down here with the flap so people cannot get through to where the product is. All of our equipment also has a lighted bin port for people so they can see their product down there when they’re reaching in to get it. And the trade Vend 721 Vending Machine with the 10 selects all the buttons are easily removed, they come out the front, the flavor windows are easily changed. All Vendo equipment comes with what we call a quicker lock, which rather than stand and crank and crank five half turns and you have the door open. When you close the door it automatically has the seal and a turn the half you’ve got the door closed. All our machines are ADA complaint for the coin area.
J Orville:          The inside of the Vendo 721 Vending Machine completely simple. There’s no shims for anything from cans to bottles on this machine. All the product retainers slide up, product is loaded easily in, product containers slide down, the tops fill. We have a rack over here that holds the product in to the top You notice two bars on this rack, that’s because if you’re loading bottles you can load bottles neck in, you can load bottles neck out, you can load them back to back. This machine really doesn’t care how you load them it’s still quite vendable. There’s a three step conversion process. If you want to change this vendor from bottles to cans or vice versa you move your back spacer, underneath the stack here there’s a product slide, it’s filled in each one of the columns, it slides up for cans back for bottles. And you go to the control board on the front and you tell the control board that you want this machine to vend one, two, three, or four deep, and you have the machine completely converted. This machine vends all bottles it will even vend your soft water bottles.
J Orville:  The Vendo 721 Vending Machine has  been on the market now for about eight years. Our customers tell us that this is one of the best vending machines on the market.Thank you for watching the Vendo 721 Vending Machine at the Vending Business Show.  For more blogs  Acquiring New Vending Accounts

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