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Popular Vending Machine Snacks

Popular Vending Machine Snacks When it comes to using vending machines, we all have our fond associations. For many, vending machines bring connotations of going swimming when we were young and eagerly tucking into a packet of chips and cup of soup from the...

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US Consumers Eat Snacks Not Meals

US Consumers Eat Snacks Not Meals  The Hartman group has completed a recent consumer survey on eating habits and found that among US consumers in 2012, more than half of all eating occasions were snacks on a daily basis. US Consumers Eat Snacks Not Meals  More...

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Energy Saving Vending Machine

Energy Saving Vending Machine  Coca Cola Japan has announced what they call the peak shift vending machine. It shifts the use of power from the peak daytime hours to the nighttime to reduce the strain on the power supply. In the summer, the machines can produce cooled...

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Vending Business Opportunities Buyer Beware

Vending Business Opportunities Buyer Beware  MIAMI -- The Justice Department has unsealed an indictment charging 10 individuals with defrauding thousands of victims across the country in a bulk vending business-opportunity scam. Vending Business Opportunities Buyer...

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