Power Shifting Energy Saving Vending Machine

Coca Cola Japan has announced what they call the peak shift vending machine. It shifts the use of power from the peak daytime hours to the nighttime to reduce the strain on the power supply. In the summer, the machines can produce cooled products for 16 hours and at the same time reduce daytime power consumption by 95%.

Pretty impressive. This machine hasn’t launched yet and it’s unclear whether Coca-Cola will bring this technology to the US.

Read more: http://www.vendingmarketwatch.com/news/10833583/coca-cola-japan-launches-power-shifting-energy-saving-vending-machine

One thought on “Power Shifting Energy Saving Vending Machine

  1. justin says:

    Yes, it is really impressive energy saving vending machine.
    but there are many other power consumption vending machine are available like bean to cup, Kenco single brewer, soluble vending machine etc., for domestic use.

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