How The Vending Business Works (Video)

An interview with Larry Towner, vending business consultant

The first thing that’s most important in any business venture is do a little planning. The second thing is before you go out and buy equipment, how about have a place to put it – go get an account first.

What are some of the better accounts for vending today?

I would look for businesses that are growing. Businesses that supply the construction industry in the current economic environment, but it depends on what you want to do – your goals.

When you land an account, what’s next?

Now it’s time to go buy the equipment and to keep expenses low I would go for refurbished equipment from a quality supplier.

After you buy your equipment, then what?

Have someone who knows what they are doing move your equipment because there are lots of tricks in moving vending machines through doors, etc. Then you’ll need to setup the equipment.

In a future video we’ll be covering what products to include in your vending machines that really sell.

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