Ultimate Combo Vending Machine

The Ultimate Combo Machine


Hi, my name is Leo with A & M equipment Sales out of Atlanta, Georgia. Today we’re going to feature the Ultimate Combo Vending Machine .  The Ultimate Combo Vending Machine is the perfect machine for a smaller location that doesn’t have the room or power for a larger combo vending machine.  The Ultimate Combo Vending Machine can Vend a variety of snacks and drinks consisting of cans and bottles.  ,  This machine has the capability of selling different varieties of drinks such as 12 ounce cans all the way to 24 ounce bottles. The dimensions of this machine is 34 inches wide, 29 inches deep, 72 inches tall. With Led lighting and a smaller size compressor it is very energy efficient.  This machine has the capability of accepting three different methods of payments, coins, bills, as well as credit cards. The Ultimate Combo  will go through any doorway and is very user friendly to set the pricing.  It also comes with guaranteed delivery sensor so you will always get the item you purchase.  Thank you for watching the Ultimate Combo Vending Machine at the Vending Business Show.  For more blogs go to  Acquiring New Vending Accounts

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  1. Joe Nichols says:

    Allen, Total capacity of the machine if you want to vend all cans is 186. Now in this machine it has a high capacity can rack which means that the first three selections in it must vend 12oz cans which is a capacity of 130. The other 5 selections of 56 total will vend 12oz cans, redbull, 16.9 water bottles, 20oz bottles and even 24oz bottles. Now we come to card readers. its like buying a printer the printer is inexpensive but the ink is what costs. There are 3 different fees a monitoring fee, wireless fee, and a credit card fee totaling around ballpark 7% of the item.

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