Smartphone App Connects Consumers With The Vending Operator

An interview with Neil Swindale of VendCentral

Excerpts from the interview:

“There’s a big opportunity in mobile right now and we thought it was good timing to tweek it so it can fit the needs of vending companies around the country…”

“It allows the customer to pick up a smartphone, scan a QR code on the vending machine and it comes right to our mobile request platform and from there a customer can communicate directly with the vending machine manager.”

“It’s a two step process: 1. We design the app where they tell us what buttons go on it. The default buttons include request a refund, tell us how we’re doing, report a machine issue, request your favorite product… 2. We redesign your sticker that goes on the vending machine… include the phone number and the QR code that takes customers to the mobile request platform.”

“It involves a small upfront fee and a small ongoing monthly fee… It’s very affordable.”

“We’ve had customers tell us this is exceptionally good on a sales presentation to really help win accounts… an app for customer service.”

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