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Smart Vending Machines

by | Aug 24, 2012 | Machines | 0 comments

Smart Vending Machines  The potential for smart phones to interact with signage of all sorts is phenomenal and has lead Vendors Exchange International to make smart vending machines with touchscreen displays.

Smart vending Machines  Here are some of the things these tech guys are working on:

  • cashless payments via phone
  • phone triggered games on vending machines – win and get an instant discount
  • facial detection technology to determine age and gender to adjust on screen content accordingly

Smart Vending Machines  Mobile interactivity with other larger screens almost certainly will not be confined to the familiar living room “second screen” scenarios. The potential for using phones to link with, activate, or play off of out-of-home signage of all sorts is phenomenal.

QR codes at bus and train stops are the most rudimentary form. A number of companies going way back have played with various Bluetooth models that activated movie posters and such. But one of the most promising screen-to-screen connections may be the simple vending machine.

We have all heard the stories of people m-paying for their Cokes at vending machines with a shortcode. In the scenario woven by Vendors Exchange International, makers of “smart vending machines” with touchscreen faces, the next step is turning the machine into an interactive touchscreen that can scan a code off of your phone and trigger a game. Win a game and get an instant discount — or even a free drink.

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