Is There Money To Make In Healthy Vending?

An interview with Larry TownerLarry-headshot

Excerpts from the interview:

“Healthy vending products are hot, they constitute a growing market segment that needs to be capitalized on,but the business opportunities,…you need to do serious research on any business opportunity before investing in that opportunity.”

Are there ways to offer Healthy vending solutions besides these Business opportunities?

“A business opportunity wants to sell you machines fronted with a healthy promotional sign. They promise to place the machines. They promise fabulous profits.”

“I always suggest to my clients that they partner with a reputable equipment supplier, someone that has many years of experience in the vending industry, a company that has a reputation of providing excellent equipment at a fair price and provides outstanding customer service after the sale. My choice was Joe Nichols and his staff at A&M Equipment.”

“In regards to Healthy product promotion, he has many options available, from machines fully logoed, to individual column selections promoted as healthy selections.”

“The opportunities abound, just be smart.  Get help from experienced people.  I can consult, Joe Nichols can consult, talk to other business people, network.  Be wary of someone promising the world.”

Listen to the interview:

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  1. Andrea says:

    We believe in healthy vending – however ideally in a blended vending approach. Something for everyone. We addressed this in a recent blog called “Zen and the Art of Blended Vending”. Enjoy

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