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How Can a Custom Vending Machine Help My Business?

by | May 6, 2019 | Start A Vending Machine Business | 0 comments

Today’s vending machines are more flexible, more useful, and more profitable than ever before. Whether you have your own vending business or you own another kind of business and are looking to install a vending machine in your location, new vending machine technologies have made the idea of purchasing a custom vending machine a no-brainer.

Custom Vending Machine Benefits:

Vending machines have far exceeded just being for drinks or snacks; they are now used for not only every food you can think of but also as automated retail kiosks. Advances in vending machine technology now mean that businesses can expand their retail offerings without having to increase staffing levels.

For example, laundromats looking for an easy way to provide supplies to customers without burdening staff may find the 18 Select Laundry Center to be an excellent choice. With a variety of adjustable trays to handle both boxes and bottles, and a glass front offering great visibility of product offerings, this is just one example of what a custom machine can do for a retail location. 

However, a custom vending machine is more than just adjustable shelves. A custom vending machine will allow you to bring whatever combination of products you want to offer to your customers. Looking to offer drinks and beverages in one location? A combo vending machine gives you that option. If you’d like to offer merchandise alongside snacks or beverages new dual zone merchandisers offer features like add-on lockers which let you sell even larger items easily and efficiently. 

Vending Machine Advances:

In addition to different combinations of goods, vending machine manufacturing has come a long way in terms of customer convenience. Vending machine designer options now include custom graphic wrap designs to compliment your business and specialty currency acceptors which allow customers to use cash or a credit card, or even to get change for locations such as laundromats that run on coins. A vending system card reader that works off touch screen even allows for remote management, meaning less maintenance time for the machine operator. 

The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to custom vending machines, and it’s easy to get confused. For expert advice on both custom and traditional machines, a simple call to A&M Equipment Sales can help you get on the road to the machine you need. 

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