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by | Nov 13, 2012 | Vending Business Show | 0 comments

Vending Micro Markets  An interview with Seden Harrison of Smart Source Vending

Vending Micro Markets    “Micro Markets are a mini convenience store in your office/corporate environment… it’s an open shopping situation versus in a vending machine you are putting your money in to get your product out, this is all open coolers, open rack with a self service kiosk to scan and pay for your products… it’s very convenient for employees.”

“It’s new to the companies too, they don’t quite get what it is, and they have a lot of questions… the second they see one though, they love it… If it’s in the right place, they almost can’t fathom going back to the vending machine.”

“It’s not meant to feed 3-500 people, but it’s meant to give everybody options.”

“The main thing is having the right number of people and make sure they are not being fed continually by their company.”  Choosing the right account and working with management if an employ steals.  It is very hard to go to an official of a company and tell them an employee is stealing and you have him on camera.  Will they get rid of the employee or get rid of you who knows.  For large accounts that will work with you could be a win win.  The employees get more variety and the vendor can charge sales tax.  In the right place Vending Micro Markets are a win  In other locations  Vending Micro Markets can be a lose lose.  For more Vending Business Blogs go to Acquiring New Vending Accounts

Seden shares more lessons learned with micro markets in the podcast:

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