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Credit Card Readers in Vending Machines

by | May 25, 2012 | Vending Business Show | 0 comments

Credit Card Readers in Vending Machines   An interview with Greg Hasslinger, VP of Sales at InOne Technology

Credit Card Readers in Vending Machines  How new does the machine need to be to incorporate a cashless reader?

It does not depend on the age of the machine, but instead on the machines control board. It must have the capability to accept card vends.  For example, InOne Technology provides replacement control boards for older AP and National snack machines built in the mid 80’s to the mid 90’s. Also if you are interested in remote monitoring the machine must have DEX and an updated version of the firmware (will show Card sales in the Dex file). The firmware levels are maintained and provided by the machine manufacturer. There are numerous options an operator has available to install the card reader. These range from installing in the additional knockout hole, surface mounting to the door, attaching card bezel to the bill validator and other adapter kit options available from the vending machine manufacturers.

Does it need a multi-drop bus?

MDB is required in vending machine environment. We will aslo work in a pulse mode.

How does the digital exchange collect the data?

DEX is an industry standard. The vending machine controller tracks/stores all of the activities at the vending machine. This data is then transmitted remotely by the modem to operators database that is hosted by the Cashless/Remote Monitoring provider. The majority of the machine manufacturers provide resident DEX in their vending machines. InOne provides Dex kits for those machines that do not have DEX.

What else might someone need to know who is installing a cashless reader for the first time?

  1. Having adequate Cellular Signal Strength is needed for Cashless to operate. InOne provides service via different carriers, Ethernet and wi-fi. Boosters and different antennas are also available.
  2. There is a merchant processing fee for all card vends- currently 5.95%
  3. Ability to have a cash (discounted) price and a card price for the same product. For more information on credit card readers   USA TECHNOLOGIES ePORT G9

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