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Vending Success Secrets Episode Transcript:
Tom: vending Success Secrets of  Vending Professional is a webinar coming up in the middle of January. Actually, I think it’s January 14th. And joining me to talk about the webinar is [Larry Towner 00:00:08] who is a vending business consultant with Service Group International and Joe Nichols, owner of A and M Equipment Sales.

Tom: So, Larry, why don’t you start by telling us what the webinar’s about.

Larry Towner: Well, the webinar is about,Vending Success Secrets  we’ve got multiple vendors who are gonna be sharing their success secrets with you all out there. And then, we’ll have a whole series of components on operations and sales and marketing, and equipment purchasing, and all the, really, the things that you need to know, along with a large question and answer section.

Tom: Well, who’s this webinar designed for, and who will get the most out of it?

Larry Towner: The person that’s gonna get the most out of this webinar Vending Success Secrets is gonna be somebody that’s looking to run their own business. They want to get away from, perhaps, a job that they might get laid off from, something like that. They’re looking to get ahead. They’re driven by financial independence. They want to get there as quick and as easily as possible. They’re all want to suck our brains dry as it were, and learn a whole lot of things. Joe, what do you think about the people who want to come to this seminar?

Joe NIchols: Well, I think they need to be self starters. They need to be hard working people. Vending is not rocket science. You just got to, you know, you got to have a little bit of common sense and hard work. And some sort of drive. And the harder you work, the more money you can make.

Tom: Now, I know you two guys have been in the vending business for decades, so, but I want to know, how did you create this vending business training that we’ll be getting on the webinar?

Larry Towner: Well, I’ll take … I started the vending business in 1985. I worked for a fellow in the greater Boston area. He was very, very successful. He taught me everything there was to know. I moved to Atlanta for personal reasons, and I was doing very well in the job I had. But, I was looking for some tax advantage. I was looking to be back to being the captain of my own soul, so I started part time out of my garage. I bought a guy’s assets out. I just bought about 13 sets of equipment from him. Went from that to full time, three trucks, three routes, five employees, about 7,000 customers, 135 accounts.

Larry Towner: Basically, I spent a lot of time training employees. I probably forgotten more about the vending industry than most people will know. So, that’s why we decided to do the training. Joe, what about you?

Joe NIchols: Well, I started in ’73. I’ll tell you how long I’ve been in the vending business; Back when I started, they didn’t even have dollar bill validators on the machines. All you could do was be, put change in the machines and pull a handle. So, I’ve seen the vending industry progress, you know, a lot of different ways. You know, everything’s electronic now, but I’ve seen a lot of change, but you know, a guy that’s just starting out can still make a lot of money.

Tom: All right, well, thanks Joe and Larry. You can learn more about Vending Success secrets at Vending Business Show  webinar at There should be a link around this video somewhere to the registration page, and we will see you …  Vending Business Blogs  Vending Machine Technology

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