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AMS Snack Machines

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AMS Snack Machines


AMS Snack Machines  Tim Paul: This is an AMS Snack Machine. AMS Snack Machines are available in two different sizes. This particular machine is a 35″ machine, what you think of as a 4-wide, also comes in a 39″ machine, which you will call a 5-wide.

Tim Paul: AMS Snack Vendors are non-refrigerated but still using an insulated cabinet. Also, this machine may be purchased with a small refrigeration system to keep products such as chocolate candies at 60 degrees or so. The AMS Snack Machine has fully flexible shelves. They may be moved to 19 different positions on the shelf. Each shelf is adjustable in 1″ increments up and down. A Gum & Mint is on the bottom of the machine. That is also a helix-driven Gum & Mint, so you can use different products other than just gum or mint.

Tim Paul: The AMS Snack Machine also features our patented Sensit system so that if you have a product that doesn’t fully vend or just comes out and hangs up some way, it will attempt to jog the motor and deliver that product, also, dropping it through the sensing system to deliver the vend.

Tim Paul: The changer and validator is in a fully protected compartment. All peripherals go in this compartment. The control board is easily to reach. One touch sends you into the menu items, very user friendly as you walk through using the pound button. Prices are easily set. This machine has a three-year warranty on electronics and a one-year general warranty.

Tim Paul: Give AMS a try.

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