The Vending Business Cycle – Part 2

We’ll be looking at both account sales and retail (product) sales in the Fall season. Fall is a strong time to sell product because you can sell candy and food in the morning and drinks in the afternoon. Remember as the weather changes, you’ll want to change your product mix. You also want to know the over night temperatures in the room where your machines are located. Products sell because things are typically “back to normal” and running smoothly at the location.

The Fall is also the best time to make account sales calls because these decisions are usually made in the winter time around New Years or in January. December and through January is also a strong time to make account sales calls since New Years is a demarcation point.

Retail sales tends to fall off after Thanksgiving to about half of what you normally do due to lots of food brought in by employees. Money gets tight for consumers because they are spending on gifts and when January comes they start receiving those bills. So during the sluggish time of Winter it’s a good time to make sales calls.

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