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New Drink Vending Machines

With the summers heat doubling up, our A&M drink vending machines are the answer to the heat.  Manufactured by Royal, Vendo and AMS, these pop machines are even used by the bottlers of Coke, Pepsi and Dr. Pepper. The A&M drink vending machines vend up to12oz cans and 24 oz bottles and could be customised according to one’s taste to vend their choice of drinks. While the drink vending machines could easily be planted inside buildings, the outsider drink vender machines come with vandal protection to protect them from thievery and burgling.

While one can make up to 40 selections with these machines, one can even use credit card to make use of them. The new beverage vending machines are preinstalled with new changer, validator and full sign or live display.  Before we let any vending machine leave the warehouse, we thoroughly check each and every part of it, making sure our customers get the best service for their money. From energy saving to protection from any kind of untoward weather conditions, our A&M Vending machines come with inbuilt mechanisms to take care of themselves and help you vend better by saving electricity. Certified by NAMA and ETL, these vending machines come with full warranty and tech support, so, whenever  you need us to mend any of your vending machines’ part, we are only a call away.

Purchase A&M vending machines to give your customers a smooth experience of eating & drinking.