The Ultimate Combo Vending Machine


The Ultimate combo Vending Machine is a great machine for a smaller location.  You just plug in and play.  No large electrical requirements great variety of snacks and drinks- bottles and cans that can be vended from this machine.  Make your customer happy with a sleek looking machine with plenty of selections of product.

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The Ultimate Combo Vending Machine

The Ultimate combo vending machine- The Ultimate combo Vending Machine is a great machine for smaller locations. All you got to do in order to bring the machine to life is plug & play. As the ultimate combo vending machine doesn’t require any big electrical appliances to help it run, it is an easy and economical choice over other vending machines.  A huge variety of snacks and drinks could be vended off this machine, making it the number one choice of every shopkeeper.  Its sleek design ensures that one can always install it in congested places and yet make the most of the vending

  • The Ultimate Combo Vending Machine is made in the USA made-in-usa-300x300Don’t be misled by other vending machines that are actually made in China, India or elsewhere.
  • This machine vends 20 selections of snacks and 9 selections of drinks.
  • The Ultimate Combo vends your favorite Chips, Candies, Crackers, Pastries, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, 7-up and other carbonated beverages, water in varying bottle sizes: Aquafina, Dasani, Vitamin Water, Gatorade, Propel,  Energy Drinks including Monster, AMP, Red Bull and much, much more.
  • You’ve got peace of mind getting one of the best vending machines on the market; you’re getting the best support in the industry. Call today, tomorrow, five years from now, you’ll get FREE telephone technical assistance from experienced technicians to get you running. Comes with 1 year parts warranty.  Shipping not included.
  • Financing plans for qualified buyers. Call today for information.
  • Comes with LED Lighting-32 Bright Emitters.  Uses only a 2.5 Amps & 3 KwH/Day  Very energy efficient.
  • Bill acceptor accepts $1 & $5 Bills.
  • Snack & Drink Delivery Sensors – Guaranteed Product Delivery or Credit Back.
  • Accounting Mode to Monitor Cash and Vending Sales.
  • Credit/Debit Card Capable & Dex Capable.   Optional Credit card reader installed $299.00.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act Compliant.
  • Beverage Selection configuration 4 canned drinks and 5 bottled beverage selections.
  • Easy Loading Bottle Trays accommodates a wide variety of 16.9oz, 20oz and even 24oz plastic bottles.
  • The versatility doesn’t stop here. Need extra can selections? The bottle trays easily vend cans with no modifications. Customers crave the big energy drinks. No problem-this machine vends even the largest 23.5 oz cans.
  • Specifications:
    Dimensions: 34 ½’ W x 31 1/4″ D x72”H
    Weight: 650 lb
    Electric Service: 120 VAC/60Hz
    Capacity: 217 Snacks  & 136 Beverages
  • Telephone technical support life of the machine
  • We are the manufacturers Distributor for this machine.
  • In business since 1964
  • Another great combo that we sell is the AMS 35″ Combo and the AMS 39″ Combo

Support Manuals

Ultimate Combo Programming Manual [Download]

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