Vending Sales Secrets

Sales Success Secrets Of Vending Professionals

Larry Towner started a vending business out of his garage part time. Then went full time and had three trucks three routes, five employees, and serviced 7000 people with 135 accounts.
Joe Nichols is a second-generation vending business owner. He and his father built their operation up to its peak at $1.4 million/year. Several years ago Joe let the vending operation go to focus on vending machine sales.
Dan Jourdan has been a financial consultant with Smith Barney, built and sold four small businesses, a college instructor, a professional sales trainer and more. It has been said that his sales philosophy is often a cross between Confucius, and Robin Williams.

What you will learn:

    • How to identify profitable vending accounts.
    • How to generate good leads and prospects.
    • How to close deals.
  • Q&A session follows.
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