buyersguide - Vending Machine Buyer's Guide

We prepared this guide to help you choose the right vending machine. The basis of this guide comes from years of experience in helping others with their vending equipment needs. – Joe Nichols

Here are the basic questions:
• What is the size of the area in which you are going to place equipment?
• How many people will be using the machines?
• Is electricity available, and is it sufficient to handle the load?
• Industrial, Office, Other type of location?
• What product are you going to sell and where are you going to source it from?
• Money handling, coin, bills, credit card, other?
• Package size of product?
• Clear communication is critical, no detail is too small. This gives us the ability to optimize an
equipment choice to your situation.

We try to create problem free vending step by step, that way you’re happy and we’re happy.

How many people are in the location?
For smaller locations (5 to 30 people)
For medium locations (30 to 60 people)
For large locations (more than 60 people)

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