How To Service A New Vending Account Part 3 – Handling The Money

An interview with Larry Towner

In the last video in this series, Larry explains how to efficiently load a snack machine. In this video, Larry goes into detail about handling the money from the machine.

In the vending business security becomes a big issue because the minute the money comes out of that machine, it is vulnerable to being stolen.

I can tell you from personal experience that being unprepared when handling the money can lead to theft. It happens if you aren’t prepared.

1. You need some kind of bag to put the money in.

  • Bank bags
  • Canvas bags
  • Something that can handle lots of coin and dollar bills

I always did money last for a number of reasons, but you should either do it first or last.

2. When it’s time to handle the money, you want that bag ready and open.

  • Use the door of the machine as a block/barrier
  • Pull the coin box out and pour it into the bag
  • Slide out the bill validator and into the bag it goes
  • Close the bag up
  • Hide the bag in a box of chips and cover it up

These are simple security measures that allow you to handle the money in the safest way possible.

As you leave the building keep your head on a swivel because bad guys won’t come after you if you’re looking around.

In the next video, Larry will tell us how to load a drink machine efficiently.

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