Success through Saving

No matter how long you’ve been in vending, common sense tells you that spending less money is a sure way to be more successful. At A&M Equipment Sales, we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we developed the most comprehensive refurbishment process in the industry. Our process takes a machine from “as is” status to “like new,” providing trouble-free service for a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

Because we have decades of vending operator experience, we fully understand the wants and needs of vending operators, their staffs and their customers. But don’t take our word for it; you be the judge.


refurbished vending machine



1. We acquire the machine, by trade or purchase, from all across the U.S.

2. We assess each machine, determining which are to be refurbished

3. After a machine meets our refurbishment requirements, it is disassembled. All working components – delivery trays, shelves, changers, glass, validators, card readers, computer boards, buttons, trim, leg levelers, etc. – are removed


4. The machine is then cleaned and prepped for painting. After cleaning, we sand the chassis, repair dents and dings, and walk through the preparation process.

refurbished vending machine

5. We move the chassis into our paint booth, which is OSHA and EPA compliant. Protecting our workers and the environment is a critical factor of the A&M Process.

6. We paint the machine to professional automotive standards – not a couple of guys with spray cans or paint rollers. The machine stands for 24 hours before work begins again, allowing for complete curing of the paint.

OSHA paint booth

7. Once painted, the process of re-assembly starts. The machine is prepped for the installation of polycarbonate panels on the sides and fronts. Polycarbonate panels are easy to clean and resist impacts, dents and scratches, providing years of service ability. At this stage, any customization of the machine begins (see Customization below).

refurbished vending machine

8. We clean, inspect and repair the delivery bin, glass, gum and mint tray, locking mechanism, spirals and shelves, addressing dings, dents, paint, rollers and any other defects. Cut new trim strips to order.

9. The various parts of the machine are now ready for reassembly. We apply polycarbonate panels with a patented adhesive; then we reinstall trays, glass, shelves and all other parts. We adjust doors, shelves, and leg levelers for perfect operation.

10. A&M installs the machine’s electronics, including validators, changers, computer boards and any other accessories (card readers, screens, etc.).

11. We test the machine thoroughly: motor function, coin test, bill acceptance and all other operational functions.

12. According to the customer’s requirements, we set up the machine for location, setting pricing and installing new price labels. The machine is now location-ready; there’s no need to price or test the machine, because A&M has already done it for you.

refurbished vending machine



A&M puts a tremendous amount of time and effort into our “like new” refurbishment process, and we want the machine to arrive at your location in the same condition it left our facility. To this end, the A&M process includes at no cost to you the appropriate shipping protection: double metal banded, corner boards, plastic bag, shrink wrap, leg runners, and 2×4 palletS. A&M ships products all over the world and has negotiated superior shipping rates with various carriers. This allows for a reduction in expense with little or no add-on charges.

When you place an order, we will estimate shipping and delivery dates for you based on the availability of your items and the shipping options you choose.

refurbished vending machine

 A&M ships products all over the world and has negotiated superior shipping rates with various carriers. This allows for a reduction in expense with little or no add-on charges.


Ever had a customer want customized machines?
Think you might create a sales advantage by offering customized machines?
Want to create a unique image for your company?

A&M Equipment Sales can deliver.
We have the resources to cost-effectively customize machines for you and your customers, adding custom graphics, specialized electronics, cashless payment systems and more.

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