Vendscreen: Displaying Nutrition Info At The Vending Machine

An interview with Paresh Patel of Vendscreenlogo home - Vendscreen: Displaying Nutrition Info At The Vending Machine

Some excerpts from the interview:

“The law basically says operators who run more than 20 vending machines need to provide calorie information prior to purchase. This means users need to view this information prior to making a purchase… It will take effect one year from April 2013.”

Vendscreen is like a computer that you are equiping to a vending machine and with that are some key features:

  1. We provide full nutritional information. Once in place operators don’t need to do anything to maintain it.
  2. Accept cashless payments
  3. Upload the dex data
  4. A rich user interface and works just like a smartphone

“We take a percentage of sales from the machine… that covers everything in terms of the network, the operations and all of that… It doesn’t cover the cashless fees… There’s no other monthly fee.”

“We have to change and innovate because the consumer has changed. As the GenX, GenY, Millenium crowd gets into the marketplace, these are the very people who aren’t using cash any more. In the next 5 years the majority of vending machines will have to have a cashless solution available to them, because the people we are trying to sell to aren’t going to be able to buy otherwise.”


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