Technical support is only available to the original customer who purchased vending equipment directly from A&M Equipment Sales. A&M Equipment Sales will verify the customer and machine serial number upon calling. Due to high demand if you did not purchase the machine from us you will not get a call or email.

PHONE TECHNICAL SUPPORT:  Technical support by phone is offered Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm EST(excluded holidays).  If issue cannot be solved over ticket we can schedule a phone call.

WARRANTY REPLACEMENT PARTS: Are shipped by UPS, . We do not overnight replacement parts under any circumstances.

DEFECTIVE PARTS: All defective parts that have failed during the warranty period must be returned to A&M Equipment Sales upon receipt of replacement parts.

A&M Equipment Sales 90-Day Limited Parts Warranty Policy can be viewed HERE.

A&M New Vending Equipment Parts Warranty Policy can be viewed HERE.