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Biggest Freakin’ Vending Machines In The World

Biggest Freakin’ Vending Machines check out these videos below and view the Biggest Freakin’ Vending Machines in the Word!

Vending machines have become commonplace in our lives, and where would we be without them? From candy vending machines to soda vending machines and everything in between we truly are spoiled for choice.

Taking a trip around the world, maybe even your own country will reveal a wide variety of machines of all shapes and colors. Anyway, enough introduction let’s get stuck in shall we?

The following are in no particular order and we apologize in advance for the apparent lunacy of some of them. We did enclose the adjective interesting in speech marks so consider that a caveat of sorts. The first entry certainly is, as for the others we’ll leave that “in the eye of the beholder”. A lot is included for the unique contents they dispense, you’ll see what we mean. Enjoy.

Biggest Freakin’ Vending Machines Omaha’s biggest vending machine
Biggest Freakin’ Vending Machines Coke’s biggest vending machine
Biggest Freakin’ Vending Machines A big vending machine in the world
Could this be the biggest vending machine in the world?
 World’s largest capsule vending machine (Guinness World Record)
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Energy Saving Vending Machine

Energy Saving Vending Machine  Coca Cola Japan has announced what they call the peak shift vending machine. It shifts the use of power from the peak daytime hours to the nighttime to reduce the strain on the power supply. In the summer, the machines can produce cooled products for 16 hours and at the same time reduce daytime power consumption by 95%.

Energy Saving Vending Machine  Pretty impressive. This machine hasn’t launched yet and it’s unclear whether Coca-Cola will bring this technology to the US.  You are listening to the Vending Business Show  Energy Saving Vending Machine    More interesting Blogs  Take Over A Vending Route Or Start Your Own?

Read more: http://www.vendingmarketwatch.com/news/10833583/coca-cola-japan-launches-power-shifting-energy-saving-vending-machine

Coca-Cola (Japan) Co., Ltd. recently announced what it called the most innovative vending machine in these past 50 years, “peak shift vending machines.” The peak shift vending machine shifts the use of power for cooling from the general daytime peak demand period to nighttime, when relatively less strain is placed on the power supply. In summer, these machines can provide cooled products for 16 hours while reducing daytime power consumption by 95 percent. Power consumption is also reduced in winter by 20 percent compared to current vending machines and, combined with power consumed for cooling, these vending machines are a global forerunner that can reduce power consumption by 68 percent, according to the company.

Vendo 621 Vending Machine

More on Vendo 621 Machine – Live Display

Episode Transcript:

J Orville:          We want to talk to you today about the Vendo 621 Vending Machine  Live Display. This machine comes in an 8 select 621, and also comes in a 10 select in a 721 bottle. The machine is complete with what we call ready to vend Light. If you have multiple pricing on the machine, as you deposit money, then the products that are receiving enough money to build a credit turn green, and that product’s available to be purchased. They also act as sold out lights, because if a column is empty, the button will turn red and let you know that product is sold out.
J Orville:     Vendo 621 Vending Machine  come with a Vendo Quicker Lock, the little pressure on the door. It’s five half turns to open the door. The door also closes, it makes a refrigeration seal, and we’re asking for a turn and a half, and you have the machine completely closed.
J Orville:          The Vendo 621 Vending Machine has a light, so that you can always see your product as it’s being delivered to you. It also has a Vendo flap here, so people are unable to reach through and get the product on the inside of the machine.
J Orville:        The Vendo 621 Vending Machine    all the products are visible. The actual sign space, or advertising piece is on the backside of the product. If you open the door, and separate the inner and outer door, your advertising piece is right here. This piece is removable, so if you would need to personalize this machine for a specific account, you’re able to go to your local printer, get a sign face printed up, and slide it right in here, so you can personalize the machine to any specific account. All your products are available right here for easy change, easy clean.
J Orville:      The Vendo 621 Vending Machine     All your instructions for the machine are right on the inner door. This is a very simple piece of equipment. You have product retainers right here. Lift up, you fill the bottom portion of the machine, push these down, fill the top portion. There’s a rack on the inner door that actually has two wires. The reason for the two wires is, if you’re gonna load bottles in this machine, most machines want bottles loaded neck first. This machine you can load neck in, you can actually load ’em neck out, or you can load ’em butt to butt, it really doesn’t make any difference. It’ll vend in any position.
J Orville:          The Vendo 621 Vending Machine vends cans to bottles without absolutely no shims. There’s and three step process to convert the machine over, right here on the door.
J Orville:          Step one: Move your back spacers to accommodate the product.
J Orville:          Step two: Underneath the stack, in each one of the columns, there’s a product slide. It slides up for cans, back for bottles.
J Orville:          You go to number three, which is the control board, and tell the control board that you wanna vend any specific column, one, two, three, or four deep, and you’ve got the machine converted.
J Orville:          The Vendo 621 Vending Machine  will then vend all packages. It will even vend soft water bottles, which has been a problem in the industry. This machine has no problem with soft water bottles.   Thank you for visiting Vendo 621 Vending Machine at the Vending Business Show  More can be seen   Servicing New Vending Accounts Getting Organized