Power Of The Honeybun (The Free Giveaway)

Use a food giveaway as an information gathering device to learn what’s happening in your accounts and the people you are working with that might impact your business:

  • Pulse of the management
  • Business expanding or contracting
  • Builds personal relationships
  • Makes you more valuable

When you have a new product, introduce it with a giveaway to get feedback. It starts a conversation that can reveal important info to better understand their wants, needs and desires.

Very few people turn down free food.

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2 thoughts on “Power Of The Honeybun (The Free Giveaway)

  1. jon quinlivan says:

    Hi tom and larry, just wanted to say gday and wow i have just discovered this website by chance and i’m blown away by the wealth of information. I will be watching all your videos i think they are fantastic. I was searching for a planogram ( i’m putting out my first 2 big (40 selection) snack machines on 1 account and i’m concerned about tracking inventory etc, that’s how i found the site. Larry i will take on board the planogram idea of sticking one inside each machine. I like to keep a personal relationship with each site as best i can and sometimes i will come to an empty machine and just ask them which items they would like in it but i realise this is not consistent ( or professional) I have never had any experience with retail etc and i’m currently a small self employed operator in regional australia, looking to improve my first business. i’m very surprised there are not comments on your videos. please feel free to contact me and i am delighted to be able to learn from you. One more question, how do i subscribe?

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