Local SEO For Your Business

Local SEO

An important step a vending route operator needs to take in establishing a profitable route is finding client locations for their vending machines to be placed to become high traffic and income-producing vending locations. Advertising and local SEO is the key to finding new clients for any small business and these days when clients want to find a product or service the first places most people turn to are Google and other similar search engines.

For increased exposure and to attract new clients vending route operators need to raise their business website’s position in local search engines and make sure that they appear in other platforms that display local content like Google maps and Apple maps. The key to success in this is Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

What Can You Do?

SEO agencies can charge high fees but there are several easy steps that vending route operators can do themselves that will help improve local search ranking visibility of their products and services. An important first step to local SEO is to claim their Google my business page, which can be done with or without making the brick and mortar location of their business public. That way vending route operators who have home offices can maintain their privacy by having only the town and state listed but still have the advantages of being treated by Google as local for SEO purposes. Having a business identified as a local listing combined with targeted keyword research can raise their local search ranking in geographical areas the vending route operator wishes to gain exposure. If a vending route operator has a larger geographic area that they wish to operate in it is also possible to have multiple locations listed in each of the locations the business services.

A good way to find out what keywords are most effective in increasing local search ranking is by using a search engine optimization tool to find out what keywords your competitors are already using. Many of these will be the obvious terms one might think of like “vending machine operators Long Island” for example, but some less apparent terms can also be found by this method. 

An effective brand presentation is important for increasing the market share of the products stocked in vending machines. But it is also important for vending route operators to distinguish their vending machine business from their competitors’ businesses that are trying to service the same schools, hospitals, office buildings, and other locations. A clear well-designed web site that has been given local search engine optimization (SEO) and has been listed in Google local will stand out to new clients who are targeted by strong keyword research.


The important point is that vending machine operators, like any small business, need to increase their market share in order to increase their profit. Social media and local content make reaching target clients an easily achievable goal. Listing management for local SEO might seem confusing at first but vending route operators can easily make a big difference in their ranking factors just by setting up their Google My Business page and choosing the right keywords to be listed in the top local search results.   

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