How To Set Prices On AMS Vending Machines (Video)

Enter the tray, then the column for the first selection to be priced. The current price for the selection will be displayed.

Press 9 to edit, then enter the price.

The decimal is placed automatically based on the scaling factor from the changer.

  • Apply the new price with **
  • All selections on the tray *1
  • All selections in the vendor *2

It’s faster to set all selections to the most common price (*2), then change individual trays or items that have a different price.

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One thought on “How To Set Prices On AMS Vending Machines (Video)

  1. Cindy Hoffman says:

    Nice video there Katie, my brother acquired one of these recently and it hasn’t started being on operation so I was searching some pointers as the manual was kind of difficult. Thanks a lot for the comprehensive video guide.


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