How To Replace The AMS Control Board (Video)

The control board is located in the top right corner of the coin bay on AMS vending machines.

Next, save the machine settings to an SD card or copy them for future reference.

For warranty replacements, place parts for return in a static free bag which the new parts arrived in and completely fill out the warranty replacement document or copy the “picking ticket” for return.

Power down the machine, then disconnect the J9 display connector and sensor harness on the board in the machine. Connect the display and sensor harness to your new board.

With a modest tug, remove the control board in the machine off the control board supports, then connect the new board in the same area with a slight push to engage on the support pins.

Next, turn on the power switch.

You can load your settings to the board through the SD card or manually from notes copied earlier.

When replacing an S2 board with an S3 board, you will need to adjust the motor type to SENSIT.

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