How the Vending Machine Business Has Changed

An interview with Jimmy Bryan of Eagle VendingEagle Vending Logo

Jimmy has been in the vending business for 29 years and runs 18 routes in the Atlanta area.

What changes have you seen in the vending business?

Over the last 10 years there’s been a gradual decline in buildings and stores being built, so fewer opportunities are available to place our equipment. There are a number of issues:

  • Reduction in work forces
  • Down turn in the economy has been tough
  • Healthy snacking and nutritional issues has had an impact
  • Sales are stable now, so no more reductions but no growth either

There’s more going on with technology now that will have a positive impact on our business:

  • Validators now accept higher bills with bill recyclers
  • Credit card fees aren’t justifiable yet
  • Micro markets – the unmanned stores are coming
  • Handheld computers that download sales data for better merchandising
  • Reducing energy consumption and recycling is a new trend for vending machines

What do you see in the forseeable future?

  • Remote monitoring brings the ability to monitor real time data so the operator knows exactly what sells at a location and what doesn’t, but it’s costly right now
  • Yes the marketplace is changing and those who can grow with it will adapt

Listen to the interview:

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