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When looking to buy quality used vending machines, buyer beware. First, you never purchase machines off Craigslist unless you know what you are doing. There are roving bands of thieves that steal these units, empty them, and then sell them to an unsuspecting person.

There are also people that sell machines that are left in a vacant building. These machines have owners. Watch out! Coke and Pepsi have a hard time picking up their units. Even though they haven’t picked them up, they are still their machines. 

I would not buy a Coke or Pepsi machine that is located east of the Mississippi. There is a good chance; the vending machine will be stolen. Most Coke identified machines have custom parts in them, such as proprietary boards and vend mechanisms. A private party can not purchase these parts. So, when these units need a part, you are screwed.

When looking to make a purchase, always buy American. You want to watch out and not buy a machine that is too old to where the parts are not available. Of course, if you saw the article on new vending machines, never buy biz op machines, and make sure all parts are readily available.  

Here is a shortlist of great used vending machine options for your vending machine business:

Buy the Right Size Used Vending Machine

Purchase a used unit from a vending machine sales company that knows what they are doing. You need years of experience to be able to remanufacture these units. 

You must have a vast supply of parts and you must know what parts to replace and go over, so they work like new. Additionally, must have a paint booth so that it is painted to look new. Most companies on the web have none of this, just a pretty website. 

Make sure the company has done contract refurbishing for companies like Pepsi, Gatorade, Nestle, Dr. Pepper, etc. These companies know what they are doing. They do this for a living day in and day out. 

Choose a company that has parts for your machine and can ship out that day. You want to be able to call the company and not get a recording. Mainly you want to be able to talk to a real person in tech support. You need to be able to go to their website after hours and go to a self-help video or manual. 

In Closing

Remember, used machines might be a lot more money coming from a vending remanufacturer, but you get service after the sale, and you have purchased a quality machine. 

To check out what we do to remanufacture a vending machine, check out our refurbishing vending machine video. If you are interested in purchasing quality used vending machines, please call us at 1-800-713-6217 for fast and friendly service, as well as superior technical support. There is never any pressure to buy.  


Purchase new vending machine

All new vending machines are not created equal, so spend some time and do your homework now before you have problems later.

Let’s start with a list of a few types of the available vending machines:

As you can see, there are many types of vending machines manufactured for the business. I will start with the worst. These are machines that are built for the biz op industry. I wish these guys weren’t around, but they are. These are machines built usually in another country that might look good but are made to deceive. The latest ones have been drink-snack combos that have a changer and bill validator built-in that will not interchange with any changers and validators made for the US market.

There are no parts distributed in the USA, and all you can do is go on eBay and buy some kind of used part and hope it works. Mainboards used for the combos sell between $300 – $400 on eBay. 

The biz op guys sell you a vending route for an exorbitant price, take your money, and they are never seen again. They are the crooks of our industry. BEWARE!

Rules of Engagement when you are new to the vending machine industry

The number one rule is never to buy a vending machine that is made outside the USA. Any vending outside the USA, there is no distribution of parts. You can’t wait on a slow boat from China. You must get that machine up ASAP.

When looking to purchase a vending machine, look into what the vending guys buy — commercial models that work flawlessly day in and day out. The vending guys make their living from the proceeds of these machines. 

They don’t have time for multiple service calls. Some of the things vending guys look for are the vending machine must be UL or ETL approved. Again, the vending machine is made in the USA and an extended warranty on parts. There must be a parts inventory that they can receive right away. 

Another rule is you don’t’ want to buy a machine that has just come out. Usually, there are too many problems, and then they come out with the updates to solve the problem. 

What to look for when purchasing a drink vending machine

When looking at purchasing drink vending machines, you want to buy the same type of machine that the bottlers “Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper” purchase. When these bottlers get ready to buy, they have engineering testing laboratories that they put the machine through then place in cold weather, hot weather, sleet, and all different conditions. 

They know what is good and bad. When purchasing a vending machine for outdoors, it must be outdoor approved. It will say this on the serial plate. If you place an indoor machine outdoors, you are inviting yourself for a lawsuit from one of the TV lawyers that hover around daytime TV.

Buy the right size machine based on the needs of the account. There is no need to purchase a large snack machine when you have 20 employees. With a large snack machine, you must have the volume, or everything goes stale.

The shelf life on snacks are usually:

  • Chips: 6 weeks
  • Fresh Pastries: 7 days – 2 weeks
  • Other Pastries: 6 weeks
  • Crackers: 3 months
  • Candy: 6 months

On a new snack machine, you will want sensit guaranteed delivery, which means to spiral turns until the product drops through a force field at the top of the delivery bin. In that way, the customer always gets their snack with no refunds.

Look at all the vending machines. The simpler, the better. An example is the AMS line of vending machines. Most all the blind vendors across the country use these machines. They are simple, easy, and strong.

To Purchase or not to purchase a credit card reader. 

No one has any cash anymore. Everyone is using credit cards. Statistics say that credit card readers add 20% more sales. Credit cards also have telemetry which tells you when you need to service. You also must have the best bill-validator, and changer and validator acceptance are 90% of your service calls readers, your machine, what We sell too different types of credit card readers, USA Technology, and Nayax. Both are great!

Who do you purchase a machine from? 

Look for a distributor, someone who does vending machine sales, that has years of experience and is large enough to help you. They must have someone in tech support so that if you have a problem, he can talk you through it. They must also have a parts department so that you can get the parts you need immediately. 

Check the distributors’ references. Does the distributor have state contracts? Usually, these guys are well established and very good. Does the distributor answer the phone, or is it an answering machine? You can’t wait to have someone call you back. When you call into technical support, is someone there?

All in all, if you follow these steps, it will make for problem-free vending.  If you would like more info about purchasing new vending machines, please call us at 1-800-713-6217 for fast and friendly service.  There is never any pressure to buy.  

Should You Have a Credit Card Reader on Your Vending Machines?

credit card reader

Back in the day, having a vending machine equipped with a coin slot was enough. Then as time went on, adding a dollar bill acceptor became top-of-the-line. However, with fewer and fewer people carrying cash on hand, smart vending machine operators and business owners know that having a credit card reader on a machine is key to increasing sales and has become the standard for vending machine operators. USA Technologies, the leading developer in cashless systems, reports credit card payments to increase average vending machine sales by 30 percent over cash. While some worry about monthly fees or per-use fees, they pale in comparison to the increase in sales you’ll experience.

Types Of Credit Card Readers

Swipe readers or chip readers, two different ways of accepting credit cards. These could be added aftermarket to a machine you already have. They can also be built into newer machines on the market. Either way, going cashless is a great way to maximize profits and ensure that you don’t miss out on any sales. Especially when most potential customer doesn’t carry cash. Additionally, some readers allow customers to pay with their smartphone or tablet. This is opposed to using cards at all, making sales even easier for both you and the customer.

Many aftermarket and some built-in credit card readers also include a mobile app. This offers mobile management and monitoring for your machine. For customers who use the mobile app, they are offered the opportunity to earn rewards in the form of credits or free vends.

In short, there’s almost no downside to adding a credit card terminal to your existing vending machine. Any cost outlay is recouped almost immediately in the form of increased sales. All in all, you’re making the entire process easier for you and your customers.

custom vending machine

Popular Vending Machine Spotlight: Soda Vending Machines

Soda Vending Machines

Of all of the vending machines in use today, soda vending machines are by far the most popular. Unlike in the past, however, when soda vending machines supplied soda almost exclusively, newer beverage vending machines offer a much wider variety of options for cold drinks. Water and energy drink options have now become more attractive to the public, and newer machines reflect that. Few choices which can be made to ensure that your soda vending machines are as attractive as possible to consumers, whether they are serving up soda, or other kinds of beverages. 

Types of Soda Vending Machines:

Glass front vending machines offer a great way to show off multiple types of beverage options. Thus, allowing the merchandise to sell itself. In addition to choosing a glass-front machine, there are several other features which may lead your customers to spend more at your machine.

For example, utilizing credit card acceptors allows people who may not carry change to access your items. Drink vending machines and snack vending machines with a multi-price option allow you to charge different rates for different items. This may make it easier for you to stock a wider variety of items, such as both 11-ounce cans and 20 oz. bottles. Multi-price item machines use different vending machine parts. If you have single price machines you would like to upgrade, you may consider having your vending machines refurbished. Or you may want to upgrade your soda machines altogether. As someone in the vending machine business, it is important to keep upgrading your vending equipment. This will ensure that you are keeping up with the latest in technologies, whether you have a single beverage machine or a whole group of soda machines and snack machines. 

A & M Equipment Sales has a wide variety of machines for sale, from drink machines and snack machines to those which can be set to vend sandwiches, hot foods, and even non-food items. Their machines come with a 90-day warranty on vending machine parts. And their staff is trained to be able to answer any questions you may have. This will ensure that your vending business is as profitable as you want it to be.

How Healthy Vending Machines Can Boost Your Business

For years, when people thought about food vending machines, they thought about junk food. However, as people grow more conscious about how their diet affects their health, offering healthy snacks and drinks have become a more attractive alternative to traditional vending for vending business operators. According to Reuters, over a third of Americans are currently obese. This costs $190 billion a year in extra medical spending. One cause of this is the convenience and prevalence of junk food. This has led people to want healthy options in the most convenient places of all, their vending machines. The vending industry is led by consumer desire, and having healthy vending machines and offering healthy food is a great way to increase traffic to your route.

How to Choose a Healthy Vending Machine

Healthy combo machines such as the Healthy Vend Combo Vending Machine gives vending operators the freedom and flexibility to offer healthy drinks instead of soda pop, such as water, milk and juices, and healthy snack options such as fruit, yogurt, sandwiches, string cheese, and more.  

The vending products you choose are as important as your machines and your location. It’s important to keep on top of the trends and even laws in your area. For example, the “Smart Snacks In Schools” program, which went into effect in 2014 encourages schools to sell healthy foods that are aligned with the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans. These guidelines suggest the consumption of more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy options; while limiting calories, fat, sugar, and sodium. To comply with this program, many schools have banned traditional “junk food” offerings in vending machines, so being able to supply them with healthier options can be a boon to your vending business. If you don’t have a combo machine, there are still plenty of healthy options you can offer. This includes water and juices instead of soda. Even baked chips, low-fat popcorn, dried fruit, brown rice crackers, sunflower seeds, or nuts instead of greasy chips or candy. 

Healthy Vending Machines in the Workplace

Having a healthy vending machine available in the workplace may improve the overall diet of employees. Thus, increasing productivity, a win for you, and a win for the company that hosts your machines.  

Healthy vending machines come in all different sizes and configurations to suit ADA compliance rules. This is also to utilize the same payment technologies, LED lighting (for lower energy consumption) and configuration options as standard machines. A reputable dealer such as A&M Equipment Sales will be able to help you find the right machines for your location and offerings. Whether it be new or refurbished, to make the most of your route, we are here to help. Joining the healthy vending movement is a great way to add to your route. Not to mention refresh the offerings in your machines. And even help improve the health of your customers, one snack at a time. 

A&M Equipment Sales Holds Second Annual Fundraiser to Benefit Veterans

Semper Fi Fund

From May 1st until Labor Day will donate $10 out of every machine sold to the Semper Fi Fund.


(Lithonia, GA) There are over 20 million veterans in the United States, and the number rises every year. For many, their lives have been radically altered by their service, either through injuries or illness. Resulting in the need for funds, programs, and benefits for these brave Americans.

In order to help support one of the premier service organizations providing support for our soldiers, vending machine business A&M Equipment Sales is participating in their Second Annual Fundraiser to benefit veterans. For the second year in a row, they will spend their summer paying it forward. Beginning on May 1 and lasting through Labor Day, they will donate $10 for every vending machine sold to the Semper Fi Fund.

“At A&M Equipment Sales, the main focus has traditionally been toward our customers. By providing them with the best quality machines in order to maximize their profits” stated A&M spokesperson Katie. “However, we feel it’s also our duty to give thanks, and to give back to those who fight so hard for our country, to grant us our freedom. We hope that, in some small part, our annual fundraiser is going to help to do that.”

What Does the Semper FI Fund Provide?

The Semper Fi Fund provides immediate financial assistance. As well as lifetime support, to post-9/11, combat wounded, catastrophically injured, and critically ill members of all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families. This Fund delivers the resources these individuals need during their recovery and transition period back into the community. Working to ensure no one is ever left behind.

“We at the Semper Fi Fund are appreciative of A&M Equipment for choosing us as the recipient for their annual fundraiser for the second year in a row. Their campaign will raise much-needed funds. Along with awareness for our wounded, ill, and injured veterans and help us to serve those who preserve our freedom,” said Wendy Lethin, VP Community Outreach for the fund. 

Additional information about A&M Equipment Sales, as well as the fundraiser, can be found by visiting the company’s website.


Initially started as a vending operator in 1964, the staff of this company knows the vending machine business. A&M Equipment Sales has one of the largest vending machine inventories in the southeast. It supplies businesses with new and refurbished soda vending machines, snack vending machines, coffee vending machines, sandwich vending machines, dollar bill changers, and condiment counters.


The Semper Fi Fund provides urgently needed resources and lifetime support for combat wounded, critically ill, and catastrophically injured members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families. Case managers from the Semper Fi Fund work one-on-one with service members. They also work with veterans in order to understand and support their individual needs right now and throughout their lifetime. We keep our overhead low so our impact on the lives of service members and veterans is greater. The Semper Fi Fund has been awarded the highest ratings from watchdog groups: an A+ from CharityWatch—one of only two veteran nonprofits to receive this rating last year—and seven consecutive “4-Star” ratings from Charity Navigator, an achievement attained by only 3% of rated charities. 

Learn more at

Media Contact
Katie or Joe
Lithonia, GA 30058 

How Can a Custom Vending Machine Help My Business?

Today’s vending machines are more flexible, more useful, and more profitable than ever before. Whether you have your own vending business or you own another kind of business and are looking to install a vending machine in your location, new vending machine technologies have made the idea of purchasing a custom vending machine a no-brainer.

Custom Vending Machine Benefits:

Vending machines have far exceeded just being for drinks or snacks; they are now used for not only every food you can think of but also as automated retail kiosks. Advances in vending machine technology now mean that businesses can expand their retail offerings without having to increase staffing levels.

For example, laundromats looking for an easy way to provide supplies to customers without burdening staff may find the 18 Select Laundry Center to be an excellent choice. With a variety of adjustable trays to handle both boxes and bottles, and a glass front offering great visibility of product offerings, this is just one example of what a custom machine can do for a retail location. 

However, a custom vending machine is more than just adjustable shelves. A custom vending machine will allow you to bring whatever combination of products you want to offer to your customers. Looking to offer drinks and beverages in one location? A combo vending machine gives you that option. If you’d like to offer merchandise alongside snacks or beverages new dual zone merchandisers offer features like add-on lockers which let you sell even larger items easily and efficiently. 

Vending Machine Advances:

In addition to different combinations of goods, vending machine manufacturing has come a long way in terms of customer convenience. Vending machine designer options now include custom graphic wrap designs to compliment your business and specialty currency acceptors which allow customers to use cash or a credit card, or even to get change for locations such as laundromats that run on coins. A vending system card reader that works off touch screen even allows for remote management, meaning less maintenance time for the machine operator. 

The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to custom vending machines, and it’s easy to get confused. For expert advice on both custom and traditional machines, a simple call to A&M Equipment Sales can help you get on the road to the machine you need. 

custom vending machine

5 ways small vending machines can bring in big profits. 

Small vending machines are a great option if space is limited!
Small vending machines can make big money!

When people think of vending machines, they often think of large, hulking machines that hold dozens of snacks and take up lots of space. However, many vending machine operators have discovered that smaller, wall mounted snack machines can offer a great way to improve your bottom line. Here are 5 ways considering small vending machines may be useful to your business.

1) Small vending machines, big choices!

Small machines aren’t just for snacks and candy. Smaller vending machines offer the opportunity to sell beverages, snacks, prepared food choices, and more.

2) Up to date payment options.

Smaller vending machines don’t have to stick with coin-operated payment options. They can now also take bills, and even credit cards, giving your customers more flexibility.

3)Saving energy

Some businesses are hesitant to host a vending machine because of concerns about energy consumption. Small vending machines, however, are more energy efficient and tend to be more attractive to retail centers.

4)Saving Space

Another issue which may cause businesses to be hesitant to host your machines is the square footage they take up. Mini vending machine options and wall mounted machines in particular, eliminate this issue.


While smaller machine brings to mind gumball and candy machines, today’s small and even mini vending machines are incredibly flexible. They can sell everything from cheap vending machine fare, such as typical snacks and candies, to full-service options that can make espresso, or serve up prepared foods and drinks. There are even machines that serve soft ice cream options.

The fact is that a business based on bulk mini vending machines can make as much, or even more than larger, bulkier machines, and their small size and flexibility in food offerings mean great opportunities to make money in almost any setting!

One of our favorite small vending machines is the AMS Slim Gem Snack Machine. With 24 selections available and weighing only about 500 pounds, it is a great choice for small spaces or to start your blossoming enterprise!

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Vending Machine License: Is It Something You Need?

Vending Machine Licenses are an important element of your business
Vending Machine Licenses are an important element of keeping your business above board.

When considering starting a vending machine business, many people fail to consider the vending machine license one must obtain for their business. The truth is most states require vending machine route operators to obtain both a business license and the permits.

There are several mandatory licenses to operate a vending machine business, including a machine license and a sales tax receipt certificate. Depending upon the items you wish to place inside the machines, there may be additional licenses. Soda and snacks, candy, milk products, and tobacco all have different regulations and local ordinances may vary from the state ordinances. Failure to comply with these can mean revocation of your license. 

Vending machine sales are eligible for tax in the same fashion as food items in more traditional stores. If an item would be exempt when sold in a store, the same would be true for a vending machine. However, if it is eligible to taxes in a brick and mortar store, it will also be eligible for tax in your machines. The only exceptions from this rule are:

Hot beverages sold from a vending machine are always exempt. Certain items that are taxable when sold by food stores are exempt when sold from a vending machine for $1.50 or less. When you file your sales tax returns you’ll need to separate the number of sales you made from the sales tax you collected.

Before Obtaining Your Vending Machine License

Consider the location where you will be placing your machines. If they will be in schools, regulations may be different than if you are placing them in commercial areas.

To run your business legally it is important to not only know your local regulations. Adhere to them carefully, ensuring your business is above board and reproach.

To learn more about the vending machines available to you, visit our website: 

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FDA Requirements for Vending Machines: What You Need to Know

FDA Logo Black Large
FDA regulations on vending machines aren’t too difficult, but you need to ensure your company is abiding by the law!

Whether you’ve had your vending machine business for a long time, or you’re just starting out, there are some FDA requirements on vending machines that you should know about.

The Food and Drug Administration, to tackle the obesity epidemic, has created food labeling requirements for all foods sold from vending machines.

Americans eat about one-third of their calories away from home. So the FDA has created these calorie labeling requirements for vending food items. Food labeling has become more popular in all venues. This includes restaurants putting calorie counts on their menus to companies redesigning their cans and box packaging to more prominently display nutrition information.

Vending machine labeling requirements are for vending machine operators who own or operate 20 or more vending machines. They have the duty to disclose calorie information for the food sold from those vending machines, subject to certain exemptions. The compliance date for these changes went into effect on December 1, 2016.

Most packaged food items have calories posted on the back. For vending machines with glass fronts, the calorie declaration that is now often part of package design on the front of packaged food is acceptable. Rather than having to post signage on the actual machine. If the foods you stock do NOT have calorie information on the front of the package, then you must adhere to the following policies:

Calorie declarations must be clear and conspicuous. They must be placed prominently and may be placed on a sign in, on, or adjacent to the vending machine. As long as the sign is in close proximity to the article of food or selection button.

Calorie declarations for total calories present in the packaged food are not informative for gum, mints, and roll candy. Because consumers typically do not consume the entire packaged product at one time. In order to consider this issue further, FDA is extending the compliance date to July 26, 2018. This is only for gums, mints, and roll candy sold from glass- front machines in packages that are too small to bear FOP labeling. In the interim, FDA encourages vending machine operators to provide calorie information. Mainly through a sign in close proximity to the gums, mints, and roll candy inside the vending machine.

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