FDA Requirements for Vending Machines: What You Need to Know

Whether you’ve had your vending machine business for a long time, or you’re just starting out, there are some FDA requirements on vending machines that you should know about. The Food and Drug Administration, to tackle the obesity epidemic, has created food labeling requirements for all foods sold from vending machines. Because Americans eat about […]

How to Start a Snack Machine Business

More than Just Snack Machines If you are new to or thinking about getting in the snack machine business, we should first let you know that the vending machine business covers much more than simply snacks! With drinks, combo drink-snack machines, and school supplies, there isn’t anything that can’t be sold in a vending machine! With […]

School Vending Machines Have A Healthy Option

school vending machines - Healthy eating

Schools are cracking down on unhealthy snacks, but that doesn’t mean school vending machines are out of the picture. As of July 1st, 2014, schools that participate in the National School Lunch Program are required to adhere to the USDA standard called “Smart Snacks In School (SSIS)”. The SSIS program aims to improve the health of school children […]

Take Over A Vending Route Or Start Your Own?

choosing a vending route

Although it is possible to start a vending machine business from scratch, many entrepreneurs look for an existing vending route or vending business for sale. The option to take over an established company is much simpler than doing everything yourself.  Also, a geographic area may already be well-stocked with vending machines and service companies, so […]

Uncon-vend-tional: The Country’s Most Bizarre Vending Machines

  Uncon-vend-tional: The Country’s Most Bizarre Vending Machines Candy and soda vending machines are common; you see them everywhere, but did you know there’s a whole world of machines out there vending all kinds of unique offerings that you may have never seen before? New York City, Los Angeles, and Dallas have baked up some sidewalk […]

Vending Machines: How to Strike a Deal with an Establishment

Vending Machines: How to Strike a Deal with an Establishment Vending Machines generate $20 billion to $30 billion annually. Getting an establishment to agree to host your machine can be very profitable. A vending machine’s financial success is tied to its location. The more people visit an establishment, the greater your chances of sales. Look […]

Graphic Vs Live Display Vending machhine

Graphic Vending Machine Vs Live Display Beginning a snack or drink live display vending machines business venture is an exciting and potentially beneficial prospect, but also one that is filled with uncertainty and risk. Whether you are starting your own vending business or forming a partnership, research the pros and cons that most relate to […]

Gym Vending Machine

♠The vending machine has been around since the beginning of time!! well, that is what it seems like, but throughout the years’ traditional vending machine has been used for snacks and drinks.♠ *Ancient Greek vending machines worked by placing a coin in a slot, and it dispensed holy water. It was first invented by Heron.* […]

The Benefits of University Vending Machines

When most people think of eating on college campuses, they picture unappetizing cafeteria food. The use of University Vending Machines can change that.     Although cafeteria food has significantly improved, this is not always an option for a hurried college student. Students may not have time between classes to stop by the commons, and […]